Foods to avoid when you have the munchies

Published Jun 11, 2019 11:49 a.m. ET

It’s about 9 p.m., and you are settling down to watch a movie and enjoy a rather large joint.  As you prepare for the evening enjoyment, you know that the munchies may be joining you. You have decided to be proactive you will prepare for your night’s snacking.

Have you ever wondered why you get so hungry after smoking? The salty and sweet carbohydrate-rich foods are all you crave after toking.

Well, let’s blame the culprit THC, the active ingredient in the cannabis plant.

Our brain has different regions which individually control our moods, and can affect our appetite, either increasing or decreasing the craving for food.  The effects of marijuana on each person is different; however, when the munchies hit from smoking weed, there appears to be no difference. When the THC enters our brain, attaches to the appetite influencing area in our brain, it can encourage you to increase your appetite and munch through the high and the movie. When THC attaches to the receptors in the brain, it can release the hunger-stimulant hormone ghrelin. The pleasure hormone is also activated when smoking weed and signals the brain to enjoy the munchies, it recognizes eating as a pleasurable experience, and you want more.

This is a simplified reason for why we get the munchies, so, if we know that they are inevitable, let’s prepare for the event.

Foods to avoid when you have the munchies

Credit: Annunziata Andrea

Lays potato chips: 280 calories for 36 plain Lays potato chips, great tasting but who can eat just one, I mean one bag when those munchies hit there is no counting how many chips are involved.

Fried chicken: 105 calories per chicken wing, that is not even thinkable to eat just one

Chocolate bars 200 in a plain Cadbury milk chocolate bar

French fries: 320 calories per serving

Pizza: one slice of plain pizza, 400 calories


These and other high-carb foods must be out of reach. It is too much of a temptation.

Why spoil the evening by eating enough calories in one night of binge-watching tv to satisfy the caloric intake for a month.  The morning after regrets are heavy weighing on your mind and may I say your hips.

Don’t worry; you can still munch your way through the movie by eating healthy snacks that you have prepared earlier. The secret is to plan when you know you will be enjoying yourself with a joint and a movie. What a perfect way to spend the evening munching, watching a movie, and enjoying a Sativa strain smoke with a friend.

Here are a few delicious foods that munching on will bring no regrets:

Blueberries are a delicious and a health-conscious snack that when you begin to attack the bowl, will prove to be a  delicious delight. These little gems are bursting with antioxidants and fibers; eating the whole bowl will not make you feel guilty. These gems are good for you.

Apples with cheddar cheese will satisfy your sweet and savory tastes

Watermelon will help with the cotton-mouth and is about 90% water to help fill you up.

Sativa strains will contain more THCV known to suppress appetite.

Look for these strains high in THCV, and perhaps the effects of smoking marijuana will be delicious and healthy:

  1. Durban Poison
  2. Doug’s Varin
  3. Girl Scout Cookies
  4. Pineapple Purps

So, do your preparation before settling in for a good movie and you will not have to worry about which foods to avoid when you have the munchies. Enjoy!



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