Dogs and edibles

Published Feb 27, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET

Can dogs eat edibles? Yes, as long as those edibles have CBD, not THC. Treats are a perfect way of administering CBD oil to dogs. CBD hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Your dog will not experience any high feelings or any psychoactive experiences. They will, however, benefit from the healthy properties the CBD can provide.

CBD hemp oil targets the receptor that is in the dogs’ brain, central nervous system, and the immune cells that can stimulate some relaxing effects to your dog.

Symptoms that can warrant the use of CBD hemp oil for your dog

Reduction of anxiety

Anxiety is not pleasant for humans; I wonder how bad it is for dogs? Given that they can not speak to us, we need to use our other means of communication with them. Your dog may experience separation anxiety; this is shown by the way he acts every-time you leave him alone. His destructive behavior, like the chewing of shoes, perhaps even the corner of your couch. Some dogs even take to urinating and excessively barking. The administration of CBD hemp oil dog treats or CBD oil infused doggy biscuits, and its relaxing stimulant will be a calming effect on your dog.

Restore their appetite

When your dog is not feeling well sometimes, one of the ways we as owners know is by our furry friend not eating. CBD oil will relieve any concerns with the digestive system that is causing him to be nauseous; this is one of the main reasons that dogs do not eat. CBD is perfect for settling the digestive system and ridding the dog of the nauseous feelings.

Chronic pain and arthritis relief

The pain in the joints that you and I feel from arthritis is the same pain our dog feels. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. CBD treats will alleviate these joints and have them moving pain-free. The soothing of the inflammation from arthritisthat CBD can provide aids the body in its healing.


Cancer within our furry friends

If your pet has been giventhe diagnosis of cancer some of the symptoms associated with cancer can be relieved with the use of CBD infused treas. Nausea and chronic pain that comes with the diagnosis of cancer can be alleviatedwith the CBD hemp oil infused into their treats.

CBD products for your dog are safe and toxic free; they offer an alternative to medicine that can have some nasty side effects. Micro-dosing the CBD hemp oil is beneficial and has proven to help in the pain management for your dog.

So, should you give your pet CBD? There is always room for more research when dealing with any new substance that claims to help with medical conditions for your pet — saying that the benefits that CBD oil has proven to be for our pets, like easing the pain, or the psychological symptoms, like anxiety that often plague our dogs, seem to be on the positive,safe, healthy side.

I think if you remember to start slow, pay attention to the signs your dog will exhibit, CBD hemp oil will prove to be beneficial to your furry friend in the management of their health.

Knowing that cannabis is here to stay, why not let our dogs’ benefit from the magical qualities that this plant can provide?

Enjoy my furry friends!



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