Does weed make you lose weight or gain it?

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:57 p.m. ET

Weight gain

 There is a thought that smoking causes the munchies, and munchies produce weight gain. It is possible to gain weight this way. Losing weight is stressful. Stress can increase our weight, especially around our midsection. Blame it on the stress hormone Cortisol. THC can increase Cortisol levels without inducing anxiety. CBD aids in reducing the stress increasing effect that the THC can produce.

With a lot of cortisol in your blood, your body will enter fight or flight mode and will start to hoard fat. At this time, the body burns fewer calories. It is in survival mode. Here is where weight gain begins, especially around the middle of your body. We need to de-stress to combat this occurrence in our bodies. How better to do that, than to enjoy a tasteful aromatic joint or perhaps a low calorie edible?

Weight loss

Be sure that your herb of choice has terpenes that are calming like Myrcene. Myrcene is known for its effects of calming and sedative feelings. This will assist with de-stressing you, which is so important for weight control management. There are strains of marijuana that aid in reducing your appetite and increasing your desire to get active, great for weight loss.

Sativa and weight loss

A sativa dominant strain, Green Crack, is well known to induce physical movement; it gets you physically active. Make sure you are ingesting a sativa dominant variety. An Indica strain will put you in munchie heaven and on the couch. Not good for exercise.


There are some great new strains that can help with appetite control. THC-V which suppress the appetite and balances sugar levels is now in some strains. This strain is on the rise in the medical marijuana industry, still on the cutting edge.

THC-V found in some strains of marijuana curbs the appetite as well as providing energy and yet is calming. This is perfect for obesity. It is speculated that although marijuana can bring on those munchies in the end,long-term use can moderate obsessive behaviors like overeating.

Unfortunately, THC-V is found in very few strains, With the help of scientists today we are developing cross strains that contain the value THC-V.

Weed diet

Although marijuana can assist in trimming down those extra pounds, no dietary assistance can do it on its own. One must make healthy choices, in regard to what they eat and how they exercise. As with any diet, perhaps you find that when you finish your diet,the pounds start to creep back on. Perhaps if we choose to include the correct marijuana strain in our lifetime regime, this yo-yo effect will not be part of our journey.

Positive thoughts, good eating habits, exercise, and a nice big sativa joint maybe the road to recovery or weight loss. Good luck!



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