Does weed lower IQ?

Published Mar 3, 2019 11:04 a.m. ET

How does cannabis affect intelligence?

Information gets processed by the brain by sending signals from one neuron to the next.  This is great when the messages are passed on to the next neuron. When this does not happen, the signal dies. This is a time for the brain to rest as well as focus on other areas.

Now involve THC, and it is a wholly different matter. THC takes over our thoughts, what we should focus on and what thoughts we should ignore. THC is a high-jacker. This interference with the pathways causes us to have that mid-sentence forgetfulness. But look out when they are open to creativity, they are tremendous and very productive.

Does IQ Change

IQ levels can and do change over the years naturally. Testing for gifted status in children is best administered between the ages of 4 to 7 years. Children and mostly adolescents when tested appear to present the most validity in the IQ scores. However, the test results are more stable than when older people are being tested, and probably the best age is the late 20’s age group.

How can you find out your IQ? Well if you weren’t tested as a child, there are numerous tests online, in schools and universities that can be administered. Though the validity of any given IQ test is suspect. Best to pick the one you think is most reliable and presume that your results are relatively accurate.

If that is the best age to be tested, then marijuana could have a big part in the results of the scores of users.  Marijuana is well known to create bursts of creativity and energized euphoric feeling; these are very conducive to accessing knowledge.

Does Weed Lower IQ

The onset of you using marijuana and the amount you take may have a bearing on the test results. The average age of starting marijuana is reported as being around 16 years old. So, if the best time to take this test is the late twenties, hmmm. I'm going to think that yes marijuana can affect the test result of an IQ test.  

For adults it seems that marijuana does not impact IQ, chronic use does have an impact on cognitive ability. These effects are reversible. I’m talking about short-term memory. Is that real intelligence, that’s questionable.


Regarding teens, there’s still more research needed. The brain is not finished developing till age 25, so it can be affected during pre-adolescent marijuana use.

Best strains for mind motivation

Moonbeam: Indica dominant this strain gives immediate effects and just intensifies a few hours later. Great for the creative endeavors while providing a mellow body feeling

Ocean View: sativa strain with a nice fruity flavor and smell. Perfect for creativity and energy without feeling heavy brain feeling.

Louise (Blueberry): fabulously potent and flavourful especially when vaped. This will provide lasting euphoric feelings that will stir up your creative side.

Kali Mist: sativa- dominant hybrid best used in the morning to boost those creative juices. The strong sweet, spicy taste and aroma will enhance your psychedelic creative effects.

Cinex: sativa-dominant great for clarity to start your day. You will enjoy the clarity that this strain will bring. This strain will keep you focused all day, with its long-lasting effects.

Brainstorm Haze: sativa dominant and fast acting, great for boosting your productivity

Remember to consume responsibly and most of all, enjoy!



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