Does weed kill brain cells?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:37 p.m. ET
Effects of Marijuana on Brain Cells

 The pleasures you feel from the effects of marijuana are the same effects you might feel from other drugs, like alcohol cocaine and even heroin. This pleasurable feat is attainable by the stimulation of the chemical dopamine that the brain cells have activated when consuming marijuana.

Smoking or inhaling is almost an immediate reaction. Going the food route takes maybe up to a couple of hours before the effect is noticeable. Changes that can occur in your mood also are controlled through the brain. Heightened sensory perceptions could well be noticed.

Our brain is our consciousness; it does our thinking learning feeling. The brain also controls all of our autonomic body actions; the beating your heart does the digesting of your food and breathing.

How weed helps brain cells

Here are some positive effects that marijuana is known to have on the brain. Neurons are kept active and busy firing all the time. Activity is needed to stimulate our brain. It will also intensify our thoughts and perceptions, keeping us focused until the next amazing thought pops into our brain. The effects of the increase in dopamine are great for producing that euphoric state of mind while being relaxed. Thank you brain cells.

How weed might hurt brain development

It does appear that the timing and potency of the introduction of marijuana to the brain has an impact on the effects of the brain cell. The neurons in younger people and adolescents’ brains are still forming till about age 25. It could be why these same effects are not so apparent when your neurons have fully developed post 25 years old.

If your method of consuming marijuana is smoking, then here are some negative effects on the brain.  Smoking marijuana causes the brain to lose oxygen in some areas this could result in some cellular damage. If this becomes an issue for you-you can also look at the alternative methods. Vaping and edibles are another choices. There are positive and negatives associated with the effects they will produce on your brain cells also.


Overall cannabinoids are known for their fabulous antioxidant effects. These will help the fight against brain cell damage, however, the cause.

Marijuana has been known to reduce a neurotoxin that can trigger Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating condition responsible for killing brain cells.

Hopefully with the legalization of marijuana in Canada research on the effects of brain cell damage from marijuana will be more readily available and not so much of a stigma surrounding the use of marijuana.

This plant is a pleasurable medical gift of nature that has an abundance of properties and qualities to aid in our research of today.

The answer to this big question, “does weed kill brain cells?” remains elusive,  although marijuana does not necessarily kill the cells in our brain it has been proven to aid in the decrease of IQ and cognitive functions when started at an early age. However great for elders, the opposite has been seen in older brains, marijuana may then be of benefit. Giving some elderly an increase in brain activity,  resembling a younger brain.

It is good to note that these signs of cognitive impairment in an adolescent have been noted as temporary. Remember, whether old or young, to use responsibility!



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