Does weed help hangovers?

Published Feb 15, 2019 12:08 p.m. ET

 A hangover will result in some uncomfortable feelings. For this article, we will talk about alcohol and weed hangovers. Below are a few consequences of drinking too much last night.

  1. Inflammatory responses: your immune system notifies the agents that are responsible for physical symptoms you may experience. This could include memory issues, lack of appetite and even a lack of being able to concentrate.
  2. Stomach lining irritation: This is the one that increases the production of those awful stomach acids. Vomiting can happen now the stomach has delayed its emptying process, pain and nausea are sure to be “hanging-over” you now.
  3. Expanding blood vessels: that is the cause of that pounding headache that seems never-ending.
  4. Trips to the bathroom have increased: this can lead to symptoms of dehydration. Thirst and that thick tongue feeling are also present, those headaches are still pounding.

Lucky for you, your savior is here. Cannabis will help with those unwanted feelings. The sensitivity to lights and noise along with the dizziness and don’t forget the vomiting will be taken care of. No need to beg for someone to go to the corner store for a remedy, you have it right on the coffee table.

Is weed a good hangover cure

Cannabis, as we know, will stimulate the appetite. I know that is the last thing you are thinking of right now, but you do need to eat or drink something for the symptoms to pass. This is a sure-fire way to feel better after drinking.

A great choice of food when battling the hangover are eggs; they have an amino acid that clears your liver of a toxin which causes hangovers. Who knew, bring on those chickens. Eat some mangoes or avocados these will help the body to purge, getting rid of the alcohol overload that is in your body.

Cannabis to the rescue for the pain in your head. That over drinking and partaking surely has its consequences. Let us try to pick the best strains that will help you through a hangover.

If you are experiencing a crossfaded hangover the symptoms are generally the same as an alcohol hangover, it just doubled the nasty results. If you smoked weed after alcohol your blood alcohol level may be lower than if you had drunk alcohol alone. Don’t worry you will still get drunk, but the effects may take a little longer.

Be careful not to cause an increase in performance impairments, like difficulty in remembering things panicking and vomiting. The feeling of overdoing it is known by the term “greening out”. Find someone to talk to, perhaps find a place to lie down, try to drink some water if you feel those effects.


A crossfaded hangover will not kill you; I don’t think people have died, feeling like you will is another issue.

Some strains to try getting through the next day hangover feeling:

Grape Skunk: Great help with nausea and perfect to encourage eating and resting.

Sunset Sherbet: great Indica soothing effects well accepted for the hangover feelings. Will soothe that pounding headache.

Blackberry Kush: This strain is great if you can spend the day nursing that hangover by staying in bed or the couch. This strain also will help that head feel better.

Whether your hangover is alcohol, weed or a combo with a dreaded crossfaded hangover, try to remember your limits, so you won't have to experience this again. Once is too often my friend. Enjoy Responsibly.



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