Does exercise decrease your marijuana tolerance?

Published Jun 2, 2019 12:31 p.m. ET
Credit: Ivanko_Brnjakovic

Before we can start to answer whether exercise does lower your tolerance to marijuana, we need to be clear on what marijuana tolerance is and how it effects each of us.

Most people who smoke weed every-day have experienced that feeling of not getting what they used to get when they smoked. Now it’s just not the same. So, you light up another hoping for those magical feelings to reappear, or perhaps you try different marijuana strains. It just is not happening; this is your marijuana tolerance range showing up.

Scientifically, it is proven that when the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies become accustomed to the use of cannabinoids from smoking weed everyday, they will register the presence of a cannabinoid less frequently.

The decreasing tolerance to weed is presented slowly and overtime. Many have spent more money than they wanted, attempting to reach that perfect high…again.

However, could regular exercise help in reducing your weed tolerance levels?


• Exercise helps your body to burn fat reserves. Luckily those fat cells also store some other substances, cannabinoids being one of those. Working out burns those fat cells, and this will result in lowering your weed tolerance.
• The feel-good feeling envelopes you when you have completed a vigorous work-out. Endorphins that are responsible for those happy “I feel good feelings” that are distributed throughout your body. This may help promote a happy, relaxed feeling, and you may smoke less weed! Less weed used, your tolerance will decrease over time.

Exercise and marijuana is not the first positive combination when thinking about weed tolerance. However, for some people who use weed for managing their pain from medical conditions, tolerance is an important issue. Exercise is not only healthy for all but when you smoke weed every day, it may help to lower your weed tolerance while you are exercising your body and reducing the fat cells that cannabinoids will attach to. Decreasing the number of fat cells in the body is not only beneficial for maintaining a healthy body but could perhaps help the person who smokes weed daily achieve the high they used to receive from using weed.  It is probable that exercise can be a supportive means of reducing your weed tolerance. The release of the endorphins when exercising promotes those supportive mental feelings that some look to weed for delivering.

So, you have decided to exercise, and still, want to continue to smoke weed every-day. The probability that exercises alone will help to decrease your marijuana tolerance is not good. However, healthy weed smokers are a positive part of society, so exercise and enjoying a toke can be an enjoyable experience even if you need more weed to reach that place you like to travel to. The only sure-fire way to decrease your marijuana tolerance is by abstinence; you need to take a break. Ideally, if you can refrain from using marijuana for six weeks, you will be back to enjoy being able to smoke weed everyday again with the effect you deserve and look forward to experiencing again. Enjoy the exercise, stay a healthy toker, and look out for your marijuana tolerance.



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