Can cannabis help Dengue Fever?

Published Mar 24, 2019 11:18 a.m. ET

Here you are in the land of Bob Marley, just saying his name makes you think of heavy reggae music and marijuana. You're relaxing on the beach in Jamaica; you're enjoying the music, the aromas are tantalizing and zap the female Aedes mosquito has bitten you. This pesky mosquito can be the reason for your demise. Dengue fever can present itself with these symptoms:

• Fever 40C or higher
• Nausea
• Rash
• Muscle and joint pain
• Vomiting
• Swollen glands

How can we prevent this pest from infringing on our vacation? Let's make sure we have mosquito repellent on hand. Preferably your repellent is full of linalool If you are lucky enough to have a diffuser now would be the time to load it up with a linalool terpene, this can be found in lavender based concentrates.

A great defense to use against the mosquito is the beautiful cannabis plant. Papaya leaves have been known to treat the effects of the bite from the pesky mosquito as well. The use of the papaya leaves can be beneficial to treat the skin after a bite from the mosquito. There is no cure for the outcome of the bite. You can, however, treat the symptoms. Here is where the cannabis plant, if the correct strain is chosen, can benefit in the recovery of the skin from the bite.

Best Strain for Helping Combat Mosquito Attacks


Papaya: Besides being a natural mosquito repellent this strain is great for pain, and it's a relief benefit that is associated with dengue fever. For the inflammation of the skin caused by the bite of the female mosquito, this strain has great anti-inflammatory qualities.

The Indica dominant hybrid produces mental calmness when used. This strain promotes productivity and energy also, great in helping you to focus on positive experiences. Vomiting which can be associated with dengue fever can be significantly reduced or eradicated completely with the use of this strain. The aid in the muscle soreness is a welcomed additional benefit. Insomnia can often accompany the symptoms of Dengue Fever. When using this strain, your sleeping pattern will be assisted, and you will enjoy a good night sleep. Depression can also accompany this Dengue Fever you are not feeling great. The absorption of these strains linalool terpenes(the same as the papaya fruit) can be a benefit in the recovery from the mosquito bite, while at the same time providing a feeling of relaxation and may reduce your anxiety. Anxiety from the bite is not an uncommon symptom.  

The combination of eating the fresh papaya fruit and enjoying a Papaya strain joint could be the answer to combating the dreaded dengue fever. The mosquito is going to be present whenever you travel to warm Caribbean countries. Linalool found in the fresh papaya fruit, and the Papaya strain of cannabis is beneficial to treat complaints of the skin. You must be careful not to use oxidized linalool, using it in this form can cause some skin irritations. The extract from the fruit in its pure form has been used in creams.  Using an oil infused with this cannabis terpene would be beneficial also when it is applied to the skin post-bite. The soothing pain-relieving qualities will be a blessed welcomed addition in soothing the rash that can accompany the Dengue Fever.

Well sorry if Dengue Fever has gotten a hold of you, but as my friend Bob Marley said “enjoy the herb”, oh and eat papaya fruit, doing the two in combination might make the two or three-week recovery manageable. Enjoy my friend.



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