Could cannabis close the orgasm inequality gap?

Published Mar 16, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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The battle of the sexes continues, as women fight to receive the same treatment and experiences as their counterparts, and that is true in so many different ways. We often make less than men, even in corporate careers, and now though many of us are raising children, carrying successful jobs, and still maintaining many of the household responsibilities, we still don’t get quite enough credit, because most of those things are just expected of us.

Women are almost always getting the worst deal, a fact that is also statistically true in the bedroom, but there might be a way for us to reduce the amount of disappointment we experience, at least when it comes to those intimate moments spent between the sheets, and the answer could be cannabis.

What is the orgasm inequality gap?

‘Orgasm gap’ is a term that’s used to describe the well-documented phenomenon that’s fueled jokes and women's frustration for… well… forever. Men climax far more often than women, and in general, they seem to be far more turned on, and this has been proven with a Rutgers-led study where researchers focused on data provided by heterosexual couples. We also know that the more often a person orgasms, the more they’re likely to want to have sex which explains why women aren’t always quite so invested in making the time and burning the energy required to have it.

If that is true, then it makes sense to assume this gap could be closed, but how are we to accomplish this? Well, one study indicates the answer could be found in cannabis.

The data

A new research paper published in the Journal of Cannabis Research and led by Amanda Moser of East Carolina University a sexologist and master of all things sex-related revealed that users of cannabis report far higher levels of satisfaction in the bedroom. Her online survey of 811 cannabis-consuming adults showed that everyone who partakes is far more likely to perceive better sexual satisfaction and functioning, and the age or gender of participants didn’t seem to matter.


Just over 70% said that using cannabis products prior to having sex improved orgasms and increased desire while 62% said it seemed to make masturbating more pleasurable. Moser’s findings suggest women may have a better chance of achieving orgasm, if they use cannabis first, which could potentially change the game and close the orgasm inequality gap.

Of course, far more research is needed before we can have a better understanding of how to harness this power, as there are other studies to consider like this one from 2019 where experts found that high doses of THC could have the opposite effect. Still, it’s a glimmer of hope for millions of women who may not be enjoying sex as much as they should.

Cannabis products that may enhance sexual experiences

Most experts who encourage cannabis use to improve the sex lives of their patients recommend a high CBD low THC or not THC formulation which could be consumed by smoking, vaping, eating edibles, or swallowing a couple of capsules. For those seeking additional relief, we highly recommend trying a cannabis lubricant. It’s hard to say for certain which one will work for you, so don’t forget to start low and go slow!

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