Cannabis yoga and the downward dog

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:46 p.m. ET

Grab your disposable vape pen, pick up your yoga mat and lets head to the yoga class. Yoga and cannabis classes are popping up all over Canada. If you are a beginner at yoga, I don’t suggest your first class be combined with cannabis. Most of the participants are a seasoned yogi and are looking to deepen their connection with mind body and soul. They are not there to exercise and get high it goes deeper than that. Cannabis and yoga make a good match. They both inspire meditation, awareness, and peace. There are different strains of cannabis for different types of yoga. Your best choice of cannabis for yoga is a strain that has a high level of CBD. This will not be a mind racing psychoactive feeling instead you will experience a calming effect.

Marijuana and yoga

There are a couple of strains that you might find conducive to the different poses that are composed in the yoga techniques.

Strains that can benefit you in your yoga classes are:

Girl Scout Cookies: this is an Indica dominant strain that promises to soothe the brain and be a euphoric relaxing high when paired with yoga GSC strain, make an enticing pairing. This strain is great for pre-exercising before any type of workout. Its gentle, mild body high offers you energizing properties.

ACDC: if you are looking for a THC high this is not for you. Very high levels of CBD with amazing medical qualities for aiding pain or muscle soreness. When focus needs to be increased in your yoga class trying this strain might be the one to assist in providing a euphoric peace within yourself.

Blue Dream: this is a great hybrid ideal for meditation and winding down your stressed.

Marijuana and Sports


You might not like getting high and jogging but let’s look at smoking weed and sports in general. Common sense tells us that smoking and sports do not mix. Smoking inhibits the proper function of your lung performance. Your ability to intake the sufficient amount of oxygen needed to perform in a sports-related activity is jeopardized.

However, there are other methods in which to consume the herb that can benefit a sports conscious person.

Many athletes report that consuming cannabis before their exercise regime helps to control pain-management from sore muscles. Cannabis is also used by athletes to calm their anxious thoughts before the big event.

When starting a marijuana fitness regime take time to speak with your Bud-master, explain what you are looking for. The Bud-master will have suggestions for the best strains for you. Smoking marijuana will affect your cardiovascular system. Exercising will also raise blood pressure the combination of smoking marijuana, andexercising can increase the risk of heart attacks.

Speak with your health provider when starting a new exercise regime and discuss the use of cannabis you will be incorporating in the regime.

So, when practicing that downward dog enjoy a mind soothing, focusing and arousing strain of your favorite cannabis. Don’t forget to take your spring water to keep hydrated. Exercise, joints and a sunny disposition, ah what more does a person need, ENJOY my friend and stay healthy.  



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