Cannabis terpenes that can boost your immune system

Published Apr 2, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Right now, everybody wants to know what they can do to stay healthy, and that’s a good thing, but most turn to processed vitamins and minerals as a supplement, and they don’t always work. Despite some of the claims you will see on bottles, most capsules that are sold through your local pharmacy are much less effective than doing your best to eat healthy meals.

In food form, those essential nutrients are effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, but when you take a daily supplement like vitamin C or calcium, you will never fully absorb the content that is listed on the bottle. We are not meant to interact with these elements in this way, and though they might help a little, there are much better ways to achieve a boosted immune system, and one of them is cannabis terpenes.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are not only produced by cannabis plants, but they also play a significant role in the strains that we enjoy most because they make up the smell and taste that we all know and love. Though it might seem nice to think that these delightful natural oils were made solely for the purpose of our enjoyment, it’s simply not true, because terpenes play an important role in how the cannabis plant and many other fruit-bearing species grow.

Terpenes are nature's guardian angels for cannabis plants and any others that produce them because they are designed as a defense mechanism to scare away harmful pests and predators that would love to chew away at the sweet, succulent leaves before the buds are ready for harvest. Terpenes are oils that are secreted at different rates throughout the growing process, and so many are familiar because they are found in other things that we love like oranges, lemons, and berries.

Every terpene has an entirely different chemical profile than the next, and that’s why they offer a broad range of effects and benefits that change depending on the individual in question and the combination, but some are well known for their ability to boost the body's immune system which can help you to avoid getting sick.

The terpenes that are the best for your immune system

All of these immune system boosting terpenes can be found in cannabis and once you get to know them, it can be relatively easy to pick out strains that include them just taking a good sniff,  and we’re here to help you figure out what each one is, by associating them with other aromas that you should recognize.



This terpene is one of the most common to find among various cannabis strains, and it is solely responsible for the musky, earthy, and berry scents. These aromas are often found in the highest quantities in Indica varieties, but this is a dominant terpene that is in many different types of weed today.


The Limonene terpene is a popular one because it offers a lip-puckering citrus scent that will remind you of lemons or grapefruit. Though this is one element that is found in many strains, it isn’t in all of them, so if you want to score some, try to watch out for names with either lemon or sour included and you’re almost guaranteed to get a good one.


This terpene is a common one among cannabis that smells like cinnamon, lavender, mint, or coriander, and it’s often got a spicy kick to it that will make your nose tingle. If you want to find a strain that includes this cannabis compound, then you’re going to want to seek our floral or more pungent options that might be either Sativa or Indica varieties.

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