Cannabis and its anti-aging effects

Published Feb 19, 2019 03:10 p.m. ET

Hemp which can be traced back thousands of years to China and Asia, it was well known as a medicine to prevent aging. Marijuana was used as an anti-aging product. When blood circulation was needed cannabis was used as medicine. Although both hemp and marijuana are from the same plant, hemp does not produce the “high” th

at can be associated with marijuana.

Aging is a biological process, scientific studies show that after age 20 the skin begins to produce less collagen. The substance that keeps our skin supple firm and strong. It is estimated that after 20 we lose 1% of collagen yearly with age, the tiny oil glands on our skin stop producing the oil, rendering our skin drier. With fewer oil glands producing the needed oil, our skin begins to develop the tell-tell aging lines. Elastin levels are also decreasing in our skin as we age. That combined with the decreasing oil gland secretions known as “intrinsic aging.” Extrinsic aging is responsible for about 90% of the way our skin ages. That leaves 10% responsibility of aging to intrinsic conditions.

CBD oil for wrinkles reduces the free radicals and slows down the aging process. The firm, healthy and youthful look to your skin is likely from the use of your CBD oil for your face. Oil excretion is encouraged with the use of CBD oil on the skin, without oil excretion our oil glands will dry up. This is the start of those fine lines and wrinkles. CBD has well known anti-inflammatory qualities that can help the skin to relax. When the skin is calm and relaxed the signs of aging are not as apparent.

Can smoking marijuana cause premature aging?

There are some negatives to cannabis if you are seeking the glowing skin of your youth. Smoking marijuana’s effects on skin can be negative. You will be exposing your skin to harmful smoke and chemical by-products. Sad to say but every-time that you light up your joint your skin is going to react by aging faster. Try vaporizing or eating edibles; neither one will play a part in the aging of your skin when you are ingesting cannabis in that manner.


Different methods and products for consuming cannabis for an anti-aging regime

The best method and the purest is to purchase the cannabidiol in a strong extract form. Using the extract in this form will allow you to administer the extract daily. Making an anti aging CBD oil part of your daily beauty regime combined with a lotion that is high in CBD content will be a sure way to promote healthy, younger looking skin.          

Some anti aging studies related to skin claim that CBD oil could be the new go to product for younger looking skin. The studies show that CBD may be capable of reversing the signs of aging.

Often aging not only shows in our skin but our joints can fall prey to arthritis. It can be part of the aging process.  If you have any joint pain reap the benefits of this strain for dealing with the inflammation that unfortunately comes with arthritis do like me, light up a Harlequin strain joint, put your feet up and reap the benefits that this sativa dominant strain provides. Enjoy!



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