Can you smoke weed while pregnant?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:41 p.m. ET

The morning sickness and anxiety that sometimes accompanies pregnancy may be alleviated with smoking the odd joint or enjoying a delicious edible sweet. The trouble is, what passes through the placenta goes directly to your baby. Ingesting cannabis in any form could lead to long-term neurodevelopmental effects.

There are over 400 active chemicals in marijuana, some of these cross the placenta and enter the baby’s brain and tissues. When the mother ingests the cannabis, the baby is ingesting cannabis at the same time. The baby gets 1/3 of the THC level that the mother gets.

CBD will increase the placentas permeability, thus allowing foreign substances to pass into the baby’s bloodstream. Cannabis can affect the functioning of the placenta, reducing the flow of blood and oxygen. This can affect both the growth and development of the child. The endocannabinoid system can be compromised; this system plays a paramount role in early brain development.

Side effects of smoking weed while pregnant

Mothers who consume cannabis during pregnancy can have babies with low birth weight, premature births and even stillbirth. When the babies are born some of them will exhibit increased body tremors, high pitched cries, and sometimes abnormal sleep patterns.

With the legalization and acceptance of cannabis, a budding market is rising to include pregnant women. Some of these products are sprays drinks drops and oils. Growing in popularity are sublingual sprays. These sprays activate very fast, usually within 60 seconds. You are provided with a euphoric feeling and aided in getting some much-needed sleep. It is easier to control the dosage of sublingual sprays. The sprays are gentle on the system. While the edibles are always more potent. Here are some common signs that you took too much — nausea and vomiting along with an increased feeling of anxiety — this is counter productive as to why you may have taken the cannabis in the first place. If you choose to ingest while pregnant, be careful of your dosage. Remember, what you feel the baby feels to.

Smoking pot during pregnancy


Since I believe that pregnancy comes in three stages, pre-pregnancy,the active pregnancy, and the post pregnancy, let’s take time to discuss each stage.

In pre-pregnancy the benefits of cannabis intake are tremendous. Cannabis is well known to help ease depression, aid in eating disorders, can aid in our sleeping habits and even help anxiety.

It’s believed that during the expected 9-month term for the gestation of the baby, that cannabis could help. Early on in pregnancy, many women suffer from morning sickness; this can be elevated with ingesting marijuana. Weed has been known to reduce vomiting associated with pregnancy, and the aches and pains that can come along with this memorial event.

The third section or post pregnancy could be the best, and perhaps the only time one should consider using weed. Marijuana will brighten up your day, providing you with euphoric feelings if that is what you need. Just pick the correct strain that will correct those depressing feelings that can surround the post-pregnant woman.

Can we say that cannabis is safe for pregnant women, I’m not sure? I do know that many more women are using this to combat some of the ill effects of pregnancy rather than using physician-prescribed medication.



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