Can you mix marijuana and antibiotics to treat inflammation?

Published May 6, 2019 01:47 p.m. ET
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The effectiveness of antibiotics is not reduced by the use of cannabis, but it can increase your blood flow and the severity of the side effects from other medication. Marijuana inhibits specific enzymes which are located in the liver. These enzymes are used by certain medications; like antibiotics. So, does marijuana affect antibiotics? The increase in side effects is usually not enough to bother most people. It is important to note, however, that everyone's metabolism is different, no two people will experience the same thing. Because of this unpredictable element to how these two drugs might react in anyone’s body, it is not advised to take both at the same time.

CBD and antibiotics

CBD may slow down the way that the body can break down other substances. How the body metabolizes the antibiotic you’ve taken and how you administered CBD along with the dosage could have a bearing on the effects of the drug. This could be either way an increase or decrease in the effects.  When drugs are metabolized by the liver, they can also be affected by CBD.

There have been very few negative interactions with the use of antibiotics and CBD. It is important to talk to your health provider when mixing any two drugs.

It is interesting to note that CBD is not psychoactive and has very few side-effects and you cannot overdose.

When the body is releasing chemicals from the body’s white blood cells, it is trying to combat viruses or injury and bacteria. These cells will go to the affected area to help. When you have pain and swelling on some part of your body, this is acute inflammation. Chronic, however, causes changes in the cells that are attempting to heal. If chronic inflammation is not treated, it can result in medical conditions like arthritis and even heart disease. Cannabis can reduce inflammation and the pain that sometimes accompanies it.

Marijuana strains to kill inflammation:


Sativa dominant with very strong pain-relieving effects. The ratio of CBD to THC is high. There will be no psychoactive effects from this strain.



For those that have inflammation from arthritis, this is a perfect choice for you. The ratio is 5-2 with CBD being first will help with the pain and inflammation while keeping an alert and clear head.


Very high CBD level. Its great medicinal properties are wonderful for treating the pain associated with inflammation. The THC level is very low and will produce a short-lived mellow high.

Girl Scout Cookies

This very popular hybrid strain is known for its full body pain relief. It may not do too much for the inflammation but will handle the associated pain well.

Charlotte's Web

This is a strain very high in CBD, with little or no psychoactive properties. It is known throughout to treat medical conditions, epilepsy being at the top, this strain can also be effective with inflammation from other medical conditions.

Cannabis is just flowing with medical and recreational uses. Its antibacterial qualities are natural and are just one of the amazing gifts the plant provides us with. Even still it’s best to do your due diligence and research before you combine marijuana with any drug, recreational or medical. Be responsible, and enjoy!



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