Can you lose weight while using cannabis?

Published May 31, 2019 12:47 p.m. ET
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Wondering what happened to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight before the summer arrived? For more than a few people, it did not occur. Yes, you promised yourself to hit the gym at least three times per week. You did complete that part of the promise to yourself, so, why didn’t you lose any weight? Could it be because of weed?

Marijuana is a known culprit for encouraging those dreaded munchies that seem to accompany you after partaking, but could the strain that you are using be the problem?

There are 3 safe ways to lose weight:

• Decrease the amount of caloric intake
• Exercise
• Get plenty of sleep and rest

To be able to continue enjoying your daily intake of cannabis while losing weight is a bonus to look forward to, perhaps an added incentive to help with weight management.

How is the best way to accomplish this feat?

The strain that you choose to use is important in your weight management. Different cannabis strains have different qualities, much the same as people do.

Compounds found in the cannabis plant have many different features. When looking for a strain that will help in your weight management, keep in mind the compounds that will decrease your appetite not increase. The joint that you lit up after that hard work-out will be important for the control of the munchies.

Compounds that decrease appetites and are found in the cannabis plant include:

THCV, which also is known as tetrahydrocannabivarin, is an appetite suppressant, the opposite of the well know compound THC. Some of the strains that include THCV and follow along with the thought of this compound decreasing appetites are:

Dutch Treat
Girl Scout Cookies
Durban Poison
Doug’s Varin


CBD, viewed as the wonder drug by some, while others choose to look on it as a marketing and advertising scam, does not produce a “high” feeling and may decrease your appetite.

Perhaps your problem is getting to the gym in the first place. You need to be stimulated you need a bit of encouragement. Choosing the perfect marijuana strain for your pre-workout joint is part of the plan for fighting the weight battle. Some recommended strains that will help you to have a boost in energy and fight fatigue are:

Ghost Train Haze
Durban Poison
Green Crack

Credit: Bojan89

A common excuse, for not returning to the gym in a timely fashion, is “my muscles hurt.” This complaint can be easily handled by using the correct strain of cannabis that will address those tired, sore muscles, and inflammation, and help in the recovery after exercise. Here are some strains that will aid in soothing those muscles:

Blue Dream
Girl Scout Cookies
Sweet Kush
Sour Diesel

Rest, and adequate sleep is a necessary part of the weight loss cannabis plan. The lack of sleep has been linked to obesity. Tiredness and lack of sleep can increase the appetite, make you crave food, and increase your caloric intake. Lack of sleep often produces feelings of energy loss; this, in turn, makes you seek out high calorie-food.

Here are some strains that are recommended for getting a peaceful, restful sleep each night:

Purple Kush
Grandaddy Purple
MK Ultra
God’s Gift

The horizon is not dark for those watching their calories, and who enjoy a good joint with the psychoactive qualities of THC. Try to keep some CBD oil around and thirty minutes before your THC dominant joint take your CBD sublingually. You now have a compound that will be there to streamline the effects of the munchie provoking THC.



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