Can you eat raw weed?

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:30 p.m. ET

Eating raw cannabis is becoming a common activity. Reasons that you might have to consume raw cannabis do not include getting high. If that is your expectations from consuming cannabis stop, don’t waste your time. It will not happen. Cannabis is only psychoactive after it has been decarboxylated. The heating process that releases the psychoactive qualities. If you do not decarboxylate your herb, you have a completely non psychoactive healthy plant that will provide you will numerous benefits for your health.

Effects of raw cannabis

In its raw form,cannabis is your healthy alternative for fiber, providing healthy bacteria growth within the gut.

That drawer in the kitchen full of vitamins may find a new home after you start using raw cannabis. You can throw them in the garbage. Cannabis can supply you with:

Vitamin C. needed for immune boosting

Iron, Folate, and calcium great for strong, healthy bones and repairing DNA

Vitamin K this is essential in aid of blood clotting and great for helping absorb calcium

When consuming your raw cannabis, you will reap the benefits of the terpenes, which aid in relaxing and relieving stress.


Eating raw cannabis is the perfect way to ensure a great night’s sleep. The consumption of the raw herb will not only help you to sleep but will maintain your sleep through your REM cycle. This is so necessary for enabling you to stay asleep all night long.

We know that cannabis has an abundance of antioxidants. If you choose to consume your cannabis in this fashion, you will get more antioxidants than when you are consuming the herb in other manners. Antioxidants fight off free radicals. The consumption of raw cannabis may be a supporting factor in long-term health. It may help fight off cancer and who knows it may reverse the damage we do to our bodies from wear and tear.

Can you get high from eating raw weed

At the end of the day,the adding raw cannabis to your diet may not appeal to all. The taste is an acquired taste that is not palatable to some. It is suitable for all ages as it will not be producing the mind-altering and intoxicating effects that some people associate with cannabis use.

Eating raw weed will not get you high. The THC must be heated before you would feel the euphoric effects. Since you will not be heating your raw cannabis before eating you will have no problems with that.

When you first introduce raw cannabis to your system go slow. Just like eating edibles give your body time to adjust to the cannabis. Like leafy green vegetables, raw cannabis leaves, digestive system may have trouble breaking down the enzymes. Take your time go slow and introduce raw weed in a slow, steady manner giving your digestive tract time to adjust your gastrointestinal system will thank you dearly.

So, what could be better than a delicious bowl of fresh weed stalks followed by a large nicely rolled joint? Bring on lunch.



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