Can marijuana help epilepsy?

Published Feb 16, 2019 10:31 p.m. ET

Before we answer this question, we’ll define epilepsy for clarity. Feel free to skip ahead if you already understand the condition and don’t want to read a refresher.

What exactly is epilepsy?

It is a term used for neurological disorders characterized by episodes of seizures. More than 65 million people in the world have this condition. It is sad that one-third of the people do not respond to traditional medicine. This third of those that suffer from seizures uncontrolled by medications die early.

Conventional treatments can include surgery and lifestyle changes and medication. Some patients need to take these medications for their lifetime. The use of anticonvulsant drugs is used to control the severity of the seizure and how often the patient has them. The drugs used to treat epilepsy do work for some but come with many side effects. Some common side effects may include double vision, fatigue, upset stomach, weight gain and hair loss.

Marijuana and epilepsy

When using marijuana to aid epilepsy symptoms, using the entire plant is presumed to be the best approach — this way the presence of other cannabinoids can enhance each other. The entourage effect of using more than one cannabinoid at a time has proven beneficial to some patients.

How Does CBD oil stop seizures

Medical cannabis oil for seizures contains anticonvulsant properties. These properties come from the CBD extraction of the plant. CBD works on different systems and receptors in the brain. Anticonvulsants attach themselves to the neurons and help in the control of the seizures.

The use of cannabis oil for seizures is well documented. Epilepsy is a life-changing condition, perhaps speaking with a marijuana-informed health provider is the way to go. Always discuss any medical changes that you are planning with your health provider first, for safety reasons before going ahead with them.

Strains that are used for epilepsy with positive results:

Here are some strains of cannabis oil for seizures:

Charlottes Web


This by far is the most famous strain used in the treatment of epilepsy. This strain was named after Charlotte who suffered from uncontrollable seizures. The content of 0.3% THC and the very high amount of CBD makes this strain especially beneficial to children. There are very little or no psychoactive qualities. The use of this strain should be guarded if being used for pain management as it has not had a great report for pain management. Some people have reported experiencing migraines due to its effects.

White Widow

Stress which often accompanies seizures can be alleviated with the use of this strain. It will also command calmness and peacefulness. The medical therapeutic benefits of this strain are a welcome asset.

Red Dragon

Your strain for nausea or depression that can be associated with epilepsy. It is a strong hybrid with psychoactive effects. Some users do complain of having a dry or cotton mouth.

Green Crack

For the daytime medication to control seizures, this is a perfect strain. This will enable you to have a sharply focused day that many epileptics suffers have a hard time to do. The effect might last you all day very enjoyable.

Grape Ape

Total relaxation and calming effects make this strain well-liked for a medicinal choice. This strain is great for the calming effect often needed for an epileptic person. This strain does have a higher THC level, somy suggestion is to use caution.



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