Can smoking weed help you to lose weight?

Published Dec 3, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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A recent study which included more than 30,000 participants recently took place, and the reports indicate that over a three-year period, all participants put on weight. However, those that smoked cannabis before the study put on the least amount of weight. The researcher's results also indicated that cannabis might create cellular changes that could have a negative impact on weight gain for some people.

Benefits of marijuana for weight loss

Here are some reasons why consuming marijuana, including those in an edible form, may prove to be beneficial for those on a weight loss journey.

  • Known to reduce stress and depression, marijuana can lead to binge eating. Cannabis can raise your mood and activity level, encouraging you to practice healthy habits.

  • Marijuana can reduce inflammation associated with insulin resistance, which helps in the metabolizing of sugar.

  • Active lifestyles are encouraged when cannabis use reduces pain and benefits muscles after your workout.

  • Studies also indicate that CBD, one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis, can be beneficial in weight loss.

  • Some CBD cannabis users have noted that CBD reduces their appetite. There are also indications that CBD can help the body burn calories.

It is, however, essential to note that consuming cannabis using edibles, means counting calories, as most of the ingredients that edibles are made with contain high amounts of fat.

The benefits of THC

When talking about the other well-known cannabinoid in cannabis, THC, it has been noted that when mice were given frequent doses of THC, they lost weight and reduced fat. However, this was not the result for mice who were slender, to begin with, as there was no weight loss noted there. When looking at other studies that have been conducted, results indicate that many cannabis users have smaller waistlines and lower cholesterol levels than non-cannabis users.

Best weed strains for weight loss

CBD has many medicinal benefits; some of those include weight loss assistance and relief from pain, but not all strains of marijuana will be beneficial in the path to weight loss. Different strains of cannabis will help to suppress your appetite, while others increase your activity and alertness. Some of the most popular strains that may help to combat excess weight include.:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Sour Diesel

How to smoke weed while trying to lose weight

Choosing the correct strain of cannabis may be beneficial in your healthy weight-loss fitness regime. So, consuming marijuana before your workout may help you to remain focused and remain in the zone for your workout. Let’s not forget that marijuana can relieve acute pain that may be a hindrance to your workout achievement. The THC vape pen may prove to be the best method for you to consume cannabis when seeking healthier ways to use marijuana and lose weight.

Best THC vape pens

Here are some of the best THC vape pens to use to help you to find that Sativa dominant strain that keeps you invigorated with increased energy and focused entirely on your weight loss journey.

1. Kandypens Special K.
Cost: $80.00

2. PCKT One Plus
Cost: $70.00

3. O Pen Vape
Cost: $50.00

4. Linx Hermes 3
Cost: $36.00

5. Kandypens Slim Kit
Cost: $35.00

While marijuana use may be helpful for some who are embarking on a journey to lose weight, more than cannabis use is necessary to succeed. A healthy lifestyle must be included as part of the plan, which might mean diet, exercise. Cannabis can play a significant role in the weight loss journey of those who use it correctly.

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