Can marijuana soothe symptoms of the flu?

Published Feb 22, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET

The body’s immune system fights the virus and causes inflammation. A sign of the cold virus can also include a runny nose, sore throat and nasal congestion along with an aggravating cough and sneezing. When these symptoms are present along with a fever, you probably have the flu.

So, now we all know what the cold or flu is, let us see how cannabis and the flu can work together and aid us in a speedy recovery. Combating the flu with the anti-inflammatory qualities that cannabis has available to us is perfect for the inflammation that is present throughout our body. The cannabinoids like THC and CBD along with others can aid in driving down this inflammation.

Terpenes that are also in our cannabis can include limonene and eucalyptol which provide us with anti-inflammatory qualities too.

How cannabis affects the immune system is not necessarily all positive. Yes, people with immunodeficiency have had their T cells increased when using cannabis to help boost the immune system. Thisbeing needed when battling flu or cold symptoms.

However, some feel that the suppression of the immune system which is providing the anti-inflammatory effect is good news, especially for anyone suffering chronic inflammation.

It is good to remember that the process of actively fighting acute inflammation is a normal body process that signals that the body is ready to fight the virus.

Homemade Weed Products for the Flu or a Cold

If you’re wondering how to combat the flu, perhaps what you need is a nice hot cup of tea. This will be a wonderful choice to help alleviate sore throat and headaches.


First, we need to prepare some ingredients for our tea. I suggest that you make some of this cannabis honey listed below and keep it in your cupboard as the cold and flu season approaches.

Ingredients for cannabis-infused honey:

• 325ml of organic honey
• 4-5 grams of bud
• ½ cup organic coconut oil
• Water


• Decarboxylate your best Indica herb, 30 mins in 120F oven on a cookie sheet, stir halfway through the heating process, then remove from heat.
• Put the cannabis and organic coconut oil together in a glass jar. Take the jar and immerse at least half of it in water and boil it on the stove for 3 hours.
• Remove from heat allow to cool enough for you to strain through cheesecloth that you have put on a glass jar or bowl.
• Get your organic honey and mix the two. A wonderful creamy consistency is left after you have hand blended the oil and honey. This will be used to sweeten your tea.

You should not be using smoking as your means to obtain the benefits of combating the flu with cannabis. Alternative methods will better suit your means. Using edibles or tinctures are a better healthy way to reap the benefits. The chicken soup theory for helping to move the flu or cold along is a great way for you to include your cannabis in your diet. Cannabis infused chicken noodle soup will have you feeling rested able to relax and remain hydrated all needed to rid the cold or flu from your body. Enjoy and get well soon!



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