Can marijuana help your mental health?

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:07 p.m. ET

Schizophrenia and marijuana

 The use of cannabis for some people can increase the risk of developing a mental illness, schizophrenia being one of those illnesses. THC is one of the compounds in marijuana which promotes the high feeling associated with cannabis use and can increase psychotic thoughts, this combined with a family history of psychotic thoughts or behavior could set you up for a disastrous outcome. There are many issues that can contribute to the development of a psychosis.

Can weed lead to schizophrenia?

Symptoms can include visual or audio hallucinations. Some believe that when cannabis is started at an early age and is used daily, this combination along with a family history of psychosis can contribute to developing a mental illness.
Cannabis although not physically addictive like tobacco, can become a habit. This is another form of mental illness, having the repetitive thoughts that you need it and are using more often than you should.

The higher the THC levels are in cannabis, the more likely that some cannabis-induced feelings can lead to mental health problems, notably paranoia, and anxiety and depression.

Marijuana helping depression


As previously stated mental health is an umbrella for many illnesses’ depression being one of them, if you and your health provider choose to medicate with cannabis, here are a few strains that are renowned for helping uplift your mood. Mostly sativa strains or sativa dominant strains are recommended in helping to boost your spirits and focus; these feelings seem to be missing with depression. I suggest you try the Jack Herer strain. If you are feeling down and have that, “I don’t care: kind of feeling, try a little Pineapple express, it will induce a feeling of bliss and drive away that depression. Perhaps what you crave is a strong feeling of relaxed joy, then I have to suggest that you try the Granddaddy Purple strain.  All these strains are good for depression.

Weed and psychosis

Here is where THC’s partner comes into the picture.

CBD, another compound found in cannabis, could be beneficial to treating a psychosis due to its ability to aid in preventing the breakdown of the chemical that makes you feel happy. The chemical helps to balance out the depression. The chemical anandamide is also found in a chocolate bar. CBD has great qualities to assist with pain management so often accompanying depression and anxiety disorders. The majority of cannabis users will not develop mental illness, however, if you have a psychosis already then prolonged use may heighten your illness.

Marijuana varies, the strengths of different strains will be different, however when dosing is a heightened priority for effective and safe treatment of a medical condition; it would be wise to purchase your herb from licensed producers. Your family health provider and yourself, need to keep monitoring your tolerance and acceptance to different strains that hopefully will give you what feelings are conducive to a well-balanced life.



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