Can I get medical marijuana for back pain?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:49 p.m. ET

 To identify the source or solution to your terrible backache could be stressful. Medical marijuana for your back pain is an alternative to prescription drugs for providing relief.

How did you damage your back? Could it have been when you lifted that box? Yep, you forgot to bend your knees. You heard a noise in your back, well you felt something in your back. That is pain and discomfort my friend. You could be experiencing this pain from sleeping in a different position on that terrible mattress in the spare room. No matter how you’ve injured yourself, if you’ve ever wondered “can I get medical marijuana for back pain?”, chances are you can, medical marijuana is often given to those suffering from severe chronic back pain. Weed helps back pain.  

Cannabis for Back Pain

Cannabis can keep you relaxed and less anxious, this feeling often accompanies back pain. Cannabis can also help with insomnia. Cannabis has none of the known side-effects that prescription medication has.

Medical Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

Gorilla Glue,this strain is about 25% THC. Very powerful, perfect for chronic back pain. The strain will induce a deep sleep for you. Before bed is a perfect time for you to partake of your medicine.

Uncle Andy is maybe a little hard to get hold of. It is not the most popular strain but is effective for back pain. It will provide an intense high, duration up to 3 hours.

OG Kush, this strain is high in THC, very low CBD. This will be help with painful muscle spasms. The euphoric high will help ease the pain that is associated with the spasms. A painful low back will welcome the addition of this strain to your daily regime.

Candyland, the sativa dominant strain will aid in reducing stress and fatigue. These can both accompany pain especially back pain. Candyland will help to raise those spirits. This strain also is high on the THC scale, about 24%.

CBD for Chronic Back Pain


Perhaps you do not want the “high” feeling that THC provides. Now is the time for you to try CBD for chronic pain. CBD may reduce pain and inflammation and that overall feeling of discomfort.

CBD stops the body from absorbing another compound in the endocannabinoid system. This compound is associated with regulating pain in the body. So, increased levels of this compound Anandamidemay reduce the amount of pain that you feel.

Finding the correct dose of CBD oil is a process. Everyone's endocannabinoid system is different. No two person have the same reaction to medical marijuana.

Methods to Administer Your Medical Marijuana

The method that you choose to administer your medical marijuana is important. It will have a direct effect on the outcome.

Smoking is the fastest method of getting THC into the body. THC enters through the lungs then goes directly into the bloodstream. Too bad, it is also the most damaging. Vaping although similar to smoking does not involve burning, it involves heating the herb. This is healthier for the lungs and throat.

Edibles are another way to control back pain. You must keep in mind that edibles although healthier than some other means of cannabis use, take longer to kick in. They also will last longer. I can not stress enough to start slow with edibles and increase as needed responsibly — you do not want to be dealing with chronic back pain and the feelings of overindulging.

So, are you ready for your afternoon tea? Let's indulge. The THC and CBD in the afternoon cookie will be delicious and great for the back pain. Enjoy!



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