Can CBD assist in the management of cholesterol

Published Mar 7, 2019 02:30 p.m. ET

Before we answer the question at the heart of this article, let’s briefly sum up what cholesterol is. This definition must be given before we can understand how CBD can be a benefit in controlling this health problem. Cholesterol is a compound in the body’s cells and is involved in numerous body functions including hormone creation and the ability to produce a substance to help in the digestion of food. If your system has too much cholesterol or the wrong type, which there are two, you could have some serious health issues. The types of cholesterol are Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) the bad type or High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) the good ones. Too much LDL and you could be in line for a stroke or heart attack. Introducing CBD into your daily regime can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. The higher quality CBD oil that you use for treatment the better.

The endocannabinoid system within us is similar to the many cannabinoids in marijuana. Studies on the effects of CBD and how it can work with our endocannabinoid system are ongoing but have shown promising positive reactions when used for the control of high cholesterol levels. Studies show that chronic cannabis users HDL cholesterol levels can decrease; however there appears to be no change in the bad cholesterol LDL. These studies are not conclusive, and other researchers have documented that with chronic marijuana users HDL levels do increase. It is not clear whether cannabis does affect efforts to control cholesterol.

Marijuana can help to aid in the weight-loss battle and has been known to enhance the cardiovascular system. Both of these conditions are well known to assist in the controlling of the bad cholesterol LDL.

Bow we know a little about the interaction that cannabis and its compounds have on this disease. Let’s look at the symptoms that can accompany high levels of cholesterol.

If we were to list the symptoms that high cholesterol has it would be, none. You could have an issue with your cholesterol and not know it. If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, your health provider will probably prescribe a medication from the Statins group. However there are numerous side-effects. Some of these include liver damage, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, memory problems and increased blood sugars.


Some of the choices that we make that are counterproductive to the control of cholesterol:

• Being overweight
• Smoking
• Eating an over amount of saturated fats, processed food, cheese, and baked goods
• Lack of activity, it is recommended that you do 30 mins of physical activity 5 days a week

Avidekel a cannabis strain high in CBD and low in THC has proven to assist in the control of high HDL. This realization was part of a study that was conducted in Israel at their famousmedical marijuana facility. The report was published in 2012 and conducted at the famous Tikun Olamfacility.

High cholesterol levels are dangerous and can lead to strokes and heart attacks as mentioned. Overall health can be affected by high levels of HDL and marijuana use is promising for treating this disease. The current treatment of and the side-effects that can result from the use of Statins has a promising adversary in the marijuana plant.



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