Can cannabis lubricant improve your sex life?

Published Oct 22, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Consumers have used cannabis to treat or cure so many different medical symptoms and conditions that it's getting close to impossible to keep track, which is why it makes sense that those benefits are now being tried and tested in the bedroom. Cannabis lubricant is the latest pot product to make headlines everywhere. The taboo origin and use make it intriguing even for those who might not necessarily be interested in trying it themselves.

Cannabis use and it's positive effects on sex

Right now, we do have evidence to prove that cannabis use seems to improve the situation between the sheets of couples who partake. Still, this effect has only been studied in-depth on those who smoke it or take it orally to achieve a similar result. Could cannabinoids help to increase stimulation or relax participants before having sex when they're applied topically?

The benefits of lubricant

We do not have exact data to show that cannabis lubricants can improve your sex life. However, according to one study from Indiana University, we know that up to 70% of women feel that lubricant helps enhance the experience of sex, leaving them more satisfied and less nervous. This is likely because a lack of lubrication can cause pain as friction heats and scalds, which many women struggle with as they reach middle age.

The advertised effects of THC lube

THC lube comes filled to the brim with a potent dose of the euphoria-inducing cannabinoid, but it will not get you high, as the skin acts as a barrier that only allows a small fraction of the element to reach the bloodstream. Meaning that it could be enough to leave you feeling warm or tingly after applying THC lube, but it doesn't give you a full sense of relaxation like being stoned would.

The advertised effects of CBD lube


CBD lube is advertised as a buffer that helps to reduce inflammation or irritation, two significant problems that impact many sexually active women. The science also indicates that this is the case, with topical products rating quite well for relief in the right situations. Although the effects are not felt, it can be hard to tell if it's working until after the act is done, which is when you'd notice far less pain or discomfort than usual, meaning it might not help those who struggle psychologically.

Is any of this proven?

Cannabis lube manufacturers have nowhere to point but towards the thousands of positive user reviews of their products. Still, there is one study that seems to suggest CBD enhances a person's sex life, no matter how they chose to take it. Unfortunately, there are no studies on THC or CBD lube specifically, and until there is, we can't say for certain exactly how well they work.

In the end

In the beginning, none of the benefits of cannabis was scientifically proven in any way that could convince most people on paper. Still, thanks to years of dedicated research, we now know that they do, work for millions of people right around the globe. So while we might not be sure just yet, the future and possibilities for cannabis lubricant are looking promising.

Combining sex with cannabis may help to improve mental health


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