Borderline personality disorder and marijuana

Published Mar 2, 2019 10:01 a.m. ET

 This is a mental disorder that has a great impact on how you feel about yourself and others. The impact is so intense that it interferes with everyday functional tasks. Relationships are intense while being unsteady; self-image is distorted. The amygdala located in the brain and responsible for fear responses is smaller with BPD sufferers. This makes it more active, and that can produce anxiety.  

Smoking Weed Effects on Personality

BPD and marijuana do the two belong together? Well,marijuana does not claim to be a cure for this disease, but it can help with the symptoms. Borderline Personality Disorder and marijuana can partner up when the symptoms like anxiety, depression and mood swings are intense. Marijuana's qualities to calm and relax a person body is a welcomed relief. Marijuana can be an uplifting boost to how people are feeling about themselves. The lack of self-worth that can accompany this disease and suicidal thoughts that are evoked can be reduced with the aid of consuming cannabis.


  • A powerful fear of abandonment

  • Periods of paranoia induced by stress

  • Loss of contact with reality that could last from minutes to possibly hours

  • Behavior that is impossible such as unsafe sex, gambling, binge eating

  • Suicidal threats in response to rejection

  • Huge mood swings lasting from hours to a few days


Smoking weed and the effects on personality depends on a few things — the strain that you choose, the potency that you choose and the amount that you smoke.

Best Strains for Treating Mental Health Issues

Pineapple Express: For those times when your spirits need to be lifted, and you need to relax your body this strain will be perfect. This hard-hitting hybrid provides a long- lasting buzz that promotes productivity. The sativa-dominant pineapple tasting strain will entice you with a fresh apple and mango aroma. The feelings of happiness, peacefulness and general upbeat euphoria along with the long- lasting effects are a bonus when those mood swings are starting to close in on you.

Jack Herer: This strain will be beneficial for BPD sufferers. When dealing with depression and the ability to cope with daily tasks this strain is one to consider. BPD and marijuana use, specifically this strain will help with the feelings of abandonment. You will enjoy the mood-elevatingproperties that this strain will offer you. The fluctuation of moods will be leveled out while enjoying this strain.

Harlequin: The low THC levels and high CBD levels make this strain great for aiding in reducing the feelings of anxiety that can be present with BPD. The strain lifts a person mood and promotes positive social interactions. This is a symptom of BPD that afflicts sufferers and keeps them isolated. This strain will be perfect for social gatherings that the BPD person attends.

Pineapple Kush: This strain will help fight those mood swings that so often accompany this disorder. Whether your mood swings last for a few minutes or days, this strain will help you to focus and remain in contact with reality. The symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder can be life interrupting, having cannabis to calm these symptoms when they become overwhelming is beneficial and a better, safer alternative to some other medications that bring with them terrible side effects.

If you choose to include marijuana in your medication regime, make sure that your health provider is informed of your decision to include marijuana. This is a serious disorder that needs to be monitored by a health professional if you are lucky enough to have a health provider who is knowledgeable about cannabis for an alternative to the medications currently being used to treat BPD. Research where your cannabis is coming from. When dealing with mental health issues the dose of any medication is paramount. A licensed producer that is regulated will be the safest supplier of your medicine.

Can marijuana change your personality

The question of marijuana changing a person’s personality is open for discussion. Marijuana is known to alter brain cells. Long-term use can affect you personally, but does it change your personality, or are you in a different head space and so react differently around people and have different feelings about yourself. I think the latter is the answer.



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