Blood donation and marijuana

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:42 p.m. ET
Do They Test You for Drugs When You Donate Blood?

 During the screening process, which is required before you can donate blood the attendant will assess you for signs of being under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or even prescription drugs.  If you are deemed under the influence, you will be unacceptable to donate. You will be classed as unreliable to give your history or consent for the drawing of the blood.  A good piece of advice is not to show up stoned.

Can you donate plasma if you smoke weed?

Your blood is not tested for THC it is tested to make sure you have no transmittable infectious diseases that could possibly be transmitted through a blood or plasma donation.

The smoking of herb can lower your blood pressure the same as donating blood can do also. So just be aware that you may be light headed after your donation. You could experience white-out, symptoms involve shakiness dizziness fainting and often pale skin.

Can you donate blood if you smoke weed?

Let's look at how long the THC would stay in the system. If you are an occasional smoker, it will possibly leave your bloodstream 12-24 hours later.  However frequent users could easily take up to three days, and the chronic toker could take up to a few weeks to be clean. THC clears from the blood quicker than urine, which can take over thirty days. Ultimately, you shouldn’t donate blood if you smoked that day already. You may get away with it, but the lowered blood pressure and chance at getting flagged as unreliable for future donations probably isn’t worth the hassle.


Can you donate organs if you smoke weed?

If you are planning to donate your lungs,it might be good practice for you to vape and not smoke. When we smoke, we inhale the burnt smoke, this goes into your lungs causing damage. The tar from the smoke is deposited in the lungs rendering them not pink and healthy looking.  A choice could be to change to vaping, whereby you will not be inhaling smoke to your lungs but vapor instead. There is a bit of a bonus associated with smoking. It appears that the lung capacity of tokers may be increased — possibly due to holding the hit when we inhale, although this could also be seen in a negative view as it deposits more tar into the lungs.  So maybe smoking the herb is not the way to intake the herbal craving. Try using an alternative like edibles.  If donating your lung is in your future endeavors.

When you think of donating the heart muscle, remember that weed makes the heart work harder for some.  Maybe not a good choice for possible donation thoughts. Overworked muscles are weak.

Organ transplants in Canada are lower than in many countries. The United States included in this.  Only a small fraction of Canadians are registered donors. There are several ways to register to donate your organs. You can register online, at www.BeADonor.ca If you prefer you can do it in person at any Service Ontario location. This information will be put in a database accessible through the Ministry of Health if your family does not agree with the donation, no action will be taken. Your family will always be contacted.



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