Best CBD oil for pain

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:18 p.m. ET

Many plants contain cannabinoids; most people associate them to the cannabis plant. CBD will not produce that “high” euphoric psychoactive effect. The receptors in CBD are different from the THC receptors which do produce those “high” feelings. Most CBD oil comes from the industrial hemp plant. Usually, this plant contains a higher level of CBD content than the sister marijuana plant.

CBD is by far a different compound than THC. CBD will influence the body’s endocannabinoids to be more effective. Using CBD for pain management will stop the body from absorbing anandamine, the compound associated with regulating pain. The more levels of this compound in the blood could lead one to believe that there is a reduction in the amount of pain that a person would feel.

Hemp oil for pain is derived from the hemp plant. The plant contains CBD and small amounts of THC chemicals. This makeup allows for the relief of pain with no “high” effects. There could be some side-effects associated with the use of hemp oil for pain. If you suffer from digestive issues,you may experience softer stools and possibly diarrhea. The stomach may react by cramping. If you have IBS, perhaps you should consult your physician before starting on the hemp oil for the pain.

Here is a list of some of the best CBD oils for pain:

• Verified CBD oil great for pain and inflammation
• TeraHemp Good hemp extract
• Bota Hemp CBD capsules pure, high-quality products
• Elixinol 100% pure hemp

CBD oral drops are a discreet way of administering CBD oil. These CBD oral drops require you to hold 3 to 5 drops under your tongue before you swallow. It is suggested that you use these drops 2 to 4 times a day. Do this for 6 to 8 weeks. After this, you maintain at once a week.

A company named Kat’s promotes their high dose hypoallergenic anti-inflammatory formula. The company blends this formula to relieve chronic symptoms. Kat’s uses third parties to ensure the integrity of their products. THC is not incorporated in their formula. The product sells in three sizes and is priced accordingly.

The use of CBD is growing in leaps and bounds. It has a market for all ages and all health and well being issues.

Here is a list of the top CBD Companies:

  1. Endoca: One of the most renown CBD oil brands, they produce the finest quality hemp products. The company is based out of Europe with an office in the United States. This company grows process and delivers its products.
  2. Isodiol International: Health and wellness have been the focus of this company. Recently they have been focused on the hemp-based interested customers. This company distributes domestically and internationally.
  3. Aurora Cannabis: Known as one of the top producing and selling marijuana companies in the world. Europe and other global markets are in sight for the future of this company.
  4. Canopy Growth Corporation: A leading medical marijuana corporation that manufactures and sell CBD oil products. Bedrocan is the subsidiary of CGC. Bedrocan produces and exports legal medicinal cannabis in five different strains.


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