Anxious? Try a cannabis supplement

Published Feb 15, 2019 01:12 p.m. ET

 CBD oil is legal, and you may find it in your health store or even the corner store. It will not produce any of the high feelings that are related to consuming marijuana.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. It’s a great help in the elevating of pain from stress and joint pain. CBD has been known to help in the anxiety related to menopause. The effects on the brain promote relaxation and general feelings of wellness.

You may decide that the benefits of CBD oil as a supplement will improve your well- being. May I suggest that you begin your new health regime slowly. Start with 30 mg daily; this could be administered twice a day by splitting the dose in half, 15 mg am and 15 mg in the evening.

Methods of administration of CBD

Oil is the fastest way for the cannabinoid to enter your system. CBD does not have a pleasant taste. The slightly bitter taste lingers in your taste buds for a while. Some people prefer to use a CBD capsule for their cannabis supplement.

Side-effects of cannabis supplements

There are very few side-effects related to the use of CBD. Those that have been noted include a dry or cotton mouth; blood pressure has been reported as being on the low side and feelings of drowsiness, and being lightheaded are rare.

CBD oil research indicates that CBD oil can be conflicting with other medications. CBD has an interaction with liver enzymes which are involved in the breakdown of the enzymes. This can cause the drugs to be metabolized slower. This leads to a blood level rise. As always check with your prime health provider before adding or adjusting any medications that you currently are taking. The addition of cannabis supplements should be monitored.


CBD and anxiety studies

Studies show that the use of CBD oil can reduce social anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorders.

CBD oil and its dosage for the use in the treatment of anxiety are still unclear as to the results.Some issues can alter the effects on anxiety. Picking the correct strain has proven to be a key in the success of treating anxiety symptoms. The correct dosage is paramount to success when treating the symptoms that accompany anxiety.

Strains with high CBD for anxiety relief

More studies are needed to ensure the benefits that CBD oil can provide for the symptoms of anxiety. As we move forward with more countries accepting the medical values of CBD,the medical uses will be increased.

Here are a few strains that are CBD rich and may aid in the symptoms of anxiety:

  1. White Widow: This is a sativa-dominant strain that will make any anxiety that you have seen irrelevant.
  2. Sour OG: A perfect choice to relieve stress and anxiety. This hybrid strain will provide mellow thoughts and feelings.
  3. Cherry Pie: Indica-dominant: Great for a clear head when dealing with stressfull matters. This strain besides its beautiful fruity smell will help you to cope with depression and those anxious moments.

Whatever you are anxious about speaking with your health provider to incorporate CBD supplements into your therapy. Enjoy!



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