5 Reasons why you should consider smoking weed outside

Published Oct 25, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Tokers are a friendly bunch that tends to smoke socially. Since so many of us still face different forms of discrimination for our choices, it’s only natural that we hide these taboo activities away from the prying eyes of the public. Most stoners enjoy smoking weed in the privacy of their own homes. We can’t say that we blame them, because aside from snide glares from unapproving neighbours, there’s also the matter of comfort that only a comfy couch can bring, but today we want to try our best to convince you that it’s better for everyone if you take it outside instead.

1. It stinks

The only thing that stinks more than smoking weed indoors is drying it there; we’ve discussed the fleeting nature of cannabis smoke smell, it is a stench that is undeniable and one that will hang around if you don’t have excellent airflow, something that many new homes lack. It’s also a scent that can be easily confused with gross things like ammonia or cat urine, and that’s not something you want to hit mom and dad or the landlord with unexpectedly.

2. Smoking weed indoors can stain the walls

It’s hard to keep a home spic and span, as almost every square inch needs tending to at some point or another. There are cobwebs, dust bunnies, and dirt that get dragged in, and that’s a lot to maintain on its own without adding scrubbing the walls to the mix. Unfortunately, cannabis smoke will make this task even harder by coating all of the walls with a sticky yellow resinous substance that is incredibly hard to clean up without a tonne of elbow work and degreasers.

3. It could impact your pets

If you don’t have any pets, then this one might not concern you, but if you do, it is essential to be aware of how much smoking weed indoors can adversely impact them. All animals are sensitive to smoke, and living in a constant cloud of it can make breathing more difficult even more entirely healthy pets. It can also irritate their eyes and increase their risk of getting cancer, which isn’t something that any of us want for our furry friends.

4. Second and third-hand smoke may impact others


Many enthusiasts are under the impression that smoke residue from cannabis is entirely safe, but that isn’t necessarily true. However, we have yet to link the inhalation of cannabis smoke with devastating conditions such as cancer. We do know that smoke of any kind can set off breathing issues in individuals with respiratory problems. It is possible there could be other long term adverse
effects, such as irritated lungs or eyes.

5. It’s a healthier option all around

When you get stoned from a bowl of cannabis, you’ll have inhaled and absorbed the majority of the good things that are in the smoke. Lingering tufts aren’t likely to contain enough to enhance your buzz, which means that you’re inhaling all of these irritating elements with none of the benefits a second, third, and fourth time. Whether you’re considering your health, the cleanliness of your home, or the comfort of others, it is clear that smoking weed outdoors is a healthier option for everyone.

In conclusion

Smoke residue might not be instantly deadly or dangerous, but if you want to make the best choice for your health, you’ll take the extra time to move outside each time a craving hits. It might not be the most convenient option, and it may lead to some uncomfortable situations, but you’ll be both normalizing cannabis and giving your lungs a break, which makes it all more than worth it.

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