420 friendly ideas for when you're stuck in quarantine

Published Mar 28, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Infectious diseases are no joke, and COVID-19 is one of the worst ones that we have seen arise in this past century. This ‘once every hundred years’ kind of illness isn’t exceptional, it’s simply new, which makes it challenging to understand and treat properly. That is why thousands of people all over the world are now living under locked down conditions, as it keeps on spreading, and we have no way known to medicine to stop it in its tracks.

Now, that’s the bad news, and if you’re living in social isolation, then you probably knew that much already, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of an uncomfortable situation. With so many people just sitting around at home, it is important to find things to do that will keep your mind engaged and hands busy, and you're in luck because we have the most amazing 420 friendly ideas to check out while you're stuck in isolation.

1. Binge on Netflix
If you weren’t convinced that a monthly Netflix subscription was worth it before, then you might want to consider your options carefully, as recommended isolation isn’t something that we are expecting to disappear overnight. For the same amount of money that you’d pay for one Big Mac meal at McDonald's, you could be surfing hundreds of shows and your TV isn’t going to give you COVID-19, so you can feel safe in the comfort of your very own home while staying entertained on a tight budget.

2. Rediscover an old hobby
Now that you’ve got a whole bunch of spare time on your hands, it’s an excellent point to pull out tools or knowledge from an old hobby that you had set aside. Some examples of a good time-consuming hobby include knitting, crocheting, gaming, writing, exercise, painting, drawing, or reading. Now, of course, you might not love something on this list, but it’s time to let your passion flow, because it will help the time pass quickly, and it will help you to keep in better spirits during this time.

3. Get creative
With the right weed strains on hand, anything is possible, so why not pull an old board game from the cupboard and convert it into a stoner version for something different? If that doesn’t sound like fun, then there are other options too, like creating weed art, hosting a bong building competition online, or giving yourself personal challenges that can help to keep you motivated throughout the rest of the week. Meal prep, clean, get pretty much anything done that you’ve wanted to when didn’t have the time, and you’ll find that you will feel better and that the week will pass in no time.


4. Watch stoner flicks
Whether you like the older stoner classics like Cheech and Chong or have a taste for newer, less stereotypical television series like Weeds, you will find it offered by someone online. It will never be the same as taking in these gems with your friends, but if you roll a big, fat blunt, and pick out something that will make you laugh and smile, you’ll find that the social isolation is much more bearable. Luckily, there are hundreds of choices to pick from, so head over to Google and see what you can discover from the comfort of your couch.

5. Download cannabis apps
Now that weed is legal in most regions, it’s become a big business to make pretty much anything to do with cannabis, and that includes apps for your phone, tablet or computer. Chances are pretty good that you’re spending way too much time on these devices dwelling over the current state of the world, so why not switch things up and start your own digital pot farm, and grow some virtual plants for all of the other stoners who are playing out there?

These options are excellent time-wasters, and they pair perfectly with all different types of weed, but entertainment isn’t the only thing you have to worry about in a time like this, which is why we highly recommend formulating a vigorous activity plan that initiates some form of exercise and sunlight for at least an hour each day. This will keep you in shape, maintain your good health, and feel better, while also making up for the things that you are avoiding doing due to social isolation recommendations.

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