10 Reasons why you might want to use more CBD

Published Jun 30, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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We’ve all heard about the bustling CBD industry, as it holds its own so well that it’s now almost entirely separated from that of cannabis, but very few consumers have any idea the kind of benefits that they could achieve by using it. Unfortunately, misinformation runs rampant, which turns some people off as they aren’t quite sure what to believe, but there are plenty of well-proven and established benefits that we know about, and today, we’re going to talk about them.

1. Reduce inflammation

CBD is often regarded as a miracle cure of sorts, something that can heal anything that ails you, but that’s because of its broad range of uses, which makes that possible. One of the most notorious uses for CBD is to reduce chronic inflammation and temporary swelling that may be caused by anything from age-related conditions to sports or work injuries. If you’re in pain, then chances are pretty good that you’re also experiencing inflammation and CBD truly can help you out with that.

2. Prevent neurological conditions and improve brain health

You may have heard of some of the most popular success stories, like that of Montel Williams, who managed to finally get some control over his life and MS symptoms with the assistance of CBD. It works this way, because the beneficial cannabinoid helps to coat the receptors throughout the body and improve circulation to the most essential parts of the body like the brain. This metaphorical grease helps to coat and heal neuropathways, and prevent or reduce the onset of related symptoms, which can be life-changing for sufferers of this type of illness.

3. Regain control over normal bodily functions

The various human body systems that are intended to keep everything working as expected can sometimes go out of whack, and there is typically a unique reason for this that changes from one person to the next, but sometimes it’s just age catching up to us. We rely on these systems to do things like regulating appetite, blood pressure, sugar levels, pain tolerance, and even your mood, and when something happens to throw that delicate balance off, things can go a little bit haywire. You could feel depressed, lethargic, not hungry, or dizzy, and for some, CBD is just enough to do the trick to fix it.

4. Improve your mental health

Did you know that you may be able to alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety with no more than a consistent dose of CBD? We all feel down sometimes, and this isn’t always caused by irregularities within the body. Sometimes, we just need a ‘pick me up’ that will help us to feel happier without the impairment to go with it, and in this case, CBD can help with that. It’s certainly not a guarantee, but many consumers report great success after treating mental health issues with it, so it might just be worth a shot to try.

5. Treat pain

Thousands of people use CBD oil for pain, and these aches aren’t always caused by inflammation which sometimes leads us to believe that something as simple as a cannabinoid won’t work, but the truth is that CBD oil for pain can be an effective and almost immediate acting medicine to provide relief for this very common problem. Whether you’re experiencing nerve pain, muscle pain, headaches, or really intense migraines, CBD oil might just be what you want, to finally get the relief that you need, and it’s a whole lot cheaper and has fewer side effects than most pharmaceutical alternatives to boot.

6. To manage medical conditions

We talk about pain as if it is the most debilitating medical symptom out there, but there are plenty of these conditions that are nearly impossible to see unless the person is actively having an attack like what happens with epilepsy or seizures. It might not be a visible issue until the symptoms arise, but when they do, it can be dangerous for everyone involved, which leads many sufferers to look for answers that will work. CBD has been clinically proven to help to manage or, in the very least, reduce the frequency and severity of epilepsy and seizures, which can significantly improve a person's quality of life.

7. Increase energy levels

You’ve probably heard of or experienced the sedative effects of THC on human body systems, as it is well known to induce the foggy euphoric sensations that go along with a stereotypical high, so you might not think that CBD would be safe to take to pick you up, but the truth is that this particular cannabinoid actually has the opposite effect, which is why you shouldn’t take it too close to bedtime. It will lift you up in a natural way that won’t make you crash like caffeine or sugar, and that is why it’s the perfect addition to or replacement for that expensive coffee addiction too.

8. Have better sex

Taking a dose of CBD oil might not sound like the sexiest addition to the bedroom, but if you try it, you might be surprised to see how much it can increase the heat between the sheets. Problems with sex are common, and often the prescribed treatments either don’t work, or they come with a huge list of adverse effects, but CBD naturally increases the blood flow as it interacts with the receptors that are located within the reproductive organs to increase sensitivity and lubrication which helps to make things so much more enjoyable for both parties.

9. Reduce the likelihood or frequency of common skin irritations

When you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, they go through some things that can cause damage that is difficult to reverse like dryness, cracking, flaking, or inflamed spots. Since we need our hands, it can be hard when they go out for commission, but if you’re looking for soothing and moisturizing relief, then you don’t have to look any further than plain CBD oil. It’s full of anti-inflammatory benefits that can help to relieve minor skin irritations, and it comes equipped with a healthy dose of natural oils that are moisturizing and replenishing when they’re rubbed into problem areas.

10. To just feel better

You might be looking at this list and thinking that you don’t really need the extra CBD in your life, as most utilize the powerful element for healing and medicinal purposes rather than preventative care, but even if you aren’t feeling poorly at all, you could still greatly benefit from a little bit more of the cannabinoid in your day to day life. So, treat yourself, and test out as many CBD products in as many different ways as you can, because you just never know what might be in store until you dive right in.

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