Marijuana for Appetite

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Have you ever wondered what the best weed for appetite control is? Like many others, you may think the answer is none of them. Every time you and your friends gather together, and marijuana is a guest, the munchies and other appetite encouraging feelings begin to present themselves. While it is true that marijuana can and often will bring on the munchies, an unquenchable craving that causes the need to eat anything that you can get your hands on. Cannabis can also be a tool for losing weight, and even if it doesn’t seem like it, the strain of weed that you choose could very likely be the culprit if you notice an increase in negative eating habits when high.

Medical marijuana for treatment of loss of appetite

Choosing a strain of marijuana for appetite control can require some research. Studies show how our bodies endocannabinoid system, interacts with the cannabinoids in marijuana. Consuming marijuana activates the receptor CB1, which is receptor that is responsible for causing what we call the munchies. Research also indicates that the types of marijuana for appetite stimulation are generally strains that are high in THC. This compound activates the receptor CB1 and the receptor which in turn helps to stimulate your appetite.

Marijuana for appetite suppressant

The best weed for appetite control has a more balanced level of THC/CBD or more CBD, which will counteract the work of the CB1 receptor. So, as THC encourages the receptor CB1 to engage and activate our hunger pangs, the CB2 receptor, which is activated by the consumption of CBD, may stop the action of the CB1 sensor. The work of the receptor CB2 will help to slow down those impulses that lead us to eat whatever is around to satisfy and quell those munchie feelings while high.

The importance of THCV

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CBD and THC are not the only cannabinoids that are thought to have a part in controlling our weight. THCV has also been studied in-depth for its ability to curb appetite. THCV interacts with the same receptors as THC. However, THCV also acts as an antagonist of the receptors CB1 and CB2. THCV works by blocking the reward center, which reverses the association of pleasure with eating when high. It also helps to make it less enjoyable and rewarding resulting in fewer cases of the munchies and less desire for food in general after ingesting cannabis. This is believed to be the reason why some studies indicate that cannabis tokers are thinner than non-tokers.

Best weed for appetite control

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If you need to have your, appetite stimulated, there are different strains of medical marijuana for the treatment of loss appetite. Here you will find only the suppressing appetite strains that can help you to control hunger and lose weight.

  • Super Silver Haze: Provides a balance of body and mental effects probably due to the Sativa leaning hybrids edge.

  • Green Crack: This is an energizing Sativa-dominant hybrid with healthy earth and citrus aromas.

  • Durban Poison: A South African Sativa that delivers a spicy and sweet aroma with a clear-headed effect.

  • Lemon G13: Enjoy the heavy presence of the terpene limonene in this strain, which leans on the Sativa side of effects by offering a cerebral high and energetic and uplifting appeal.

  • ACDC: Rich in CBD and low on the THC scale. The ratio is 30/1 CBD/THC making it an excellent strain for enjoying a high without the accompaniment of those hard-hitting munchies.

Best strains of marijuana for appetite stimulation

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Below is a shortlist of the best weed for appetite stimulation. This list is not only an enjoyable list of strains to recreationally partake in, but it will also serve well as options for medical marijuana to treat appetite stimulation.

  • Somango XL has 75% Indica genetics with an 18% THC level. The strain has a medium amount of CBD. This strain is best when taken in the early evening before dinner, as you will be taken on a euphoric trip which will slide into a ravenous fit of hunger. This strain is also commonly used as medicinal marijuana for the treatment of appetite stimulation.

  • Goo is the ideal strain if you are looking for relaxation and a boost in your appetite. It also comes with the added bonus of relief from muscle spasms and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Maui Bubble Gift delivers all of the benefits of three distinctive medicinal strains combined, including Maui Waui, God's Gift, and Bubble Gum. This strain provides high levels of CBD, making it a perfect strain for nausea sufferers and those wishing to increase their appetite.

  • Sonoma Coma is a rare Sativa that offers an uplifting effect while providing a munchies which is great for the person needing an appetite boost.

  • Orange Skunk will provide an enhanced appetite while delivering a clear-headed high.

  • Monster Cookies a potent Indica will produce a sleepy effect with the addition of being an appetite stimulant.

Marijuana concentrates for appetite

If you are looking for a more potent way to control your appetite concerns, then it might be time look towards marijuana concentrates like shatter, honey oil, or wax. These concentrated forms of cannabis will provide a powerful and intense high compared to using the basic bud flower. Marijuana concentrates derived from the correct medical marijuana strain will give a stronger aid in controlling your appetite.

Cannabis can also be the perfect encouragement to hit the gym and workout, as the combination of the plant along with hard work can result in you obtaining the body that you want. Marijuana products can be useful as a tool for all aspects of appetite issues, enabling one to control weight or to add it for those needing to gain a few pounds.

Difference between Marinol and marijuana

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Marinol is an FDA approved medication that has the active ingredient dronabinol which is a synthetic form of THC, and the compound used most for patients whose appetite is suppressed from cancer or cancer treatments. Patients who live with anorexia related to AIDS are also commonly prescribed Marinol. Marijuana works in the same way as Marinol without the additives, required prescription, and side effects that come with using pharmaceutical options.

The difference between recreational and medical marijuana


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