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Welcome to Cannabis Wiki’s first annual premier holiday gift guide. Starting this year we curate the best cannabis products our clients hung (and dried) with care. We want to reach the cannabis connoisseurs on your shopping list with a diverse range of gift ideas for every stoner on your list, from novice to veteran. And if you just happen to see something that tickles your fancy by all means ‘treat yourself’!

RAD Razzlers - Cousin Eddie's Eggnog Soft Chews

RAD Razzlers

There are certain flavours that will always remind us of the holidays. Eggnog is a staple this time of year. If you’ve got a eggnog lover on your list, then make like Santa and drop a 4-pack in their stocking. Bonus for the plant based, no animal ingredients! With 2.5mg THC per gummy, Cousin Eddie's Eggnog is sure to inspire all the senses. Bite into these all natural soft chews packing bold, sweet and creamy flavours with a sour twist, this festive 4-pack is the perfect addition to your holiday adventures.

XK - XK Lounge


Be the boss at your next holiday party and rock up with a few XK Lounge King Palmed pre-rolled canna cigars. The old school cigar look with none of the tobacco and all of the fun, XK Lounge will light up any of your holiday socials this year. If you have a weed smoker on your gift list and you’re not sure what they might like, XK Lounge is sure to bring them joy. With 2g of high quality flower in each 2-pack, XK Lounge will help you string the lights, deck the halls and still be elevated for a holiday get together. The pre rolls are perfect for the “walk” after a big meal to make some space for desserts! Each cordia leaf wrapped 1g canna cigar contains sativa leaning Black Mountain Side (wedding cake X thin mint).

Frankie Smoke - Ashtray + Pipe Set

Frankie Smoke

If you’ve got a refined cannabis consumer on your list, someone who enjoys a little stoner sophistication, get them a Frankie’s Smoke Ashtray + Pipe Gift Set. This elegant and beautiful show piece can be incorporated to elevate the decor of a living room or lounge. The luxury accessories are composed of precious metals and tempered glass. The one hitters feature a built in filter, 2-piece design for easy cleaning, and include a multi piece cleaning kit. Frankie ashtrays are designed in 18K gold or rhodium plated over stainless steel and feature a removable glass plate for easy cleaning. This set will elevate any room it's in while elevating the mood of the sophisticated smoker.

PotluckTM - OG Fruit Cake


What are the holidays without a little fruit cake? Inspired by their favourite festive flavours, Potluck’s OG Fruit Cake features dense nugs shimmering with sugary trichomes. It may not have you dancing like a sugar plum fairy but this OG x Cherry Pie hybrid smells like candied citrus rinds, spice, and all things nice. It's one of 4 limited releases from Potluck so you can spice up the holidays with frosty flowers and seasonally inspired strains in 7g pouches. Because, every good Potluck has one thing in common—variety! Mix-and-match your stash, and sample a little bit of everything without breaking the bank. Perfect for a stoner’s stocking stuffer! This limited drop is only available at local retailers for a limited time: B.C., AB, MB, ON and N.S.

Dynaleo - Sunshower Delta 8 Solar Punch 10:1 gummies


The holidays are definitely a time to relax and enjoy time with loved ones. But they are also a great time to take a trip to inner space. If you’re looking for an interstellar cannabis journey or if you’re shopping for the cannabis aficionado on your list, then prepare to be blasted out of this world! Each pack of Sunshower 10:1 Delta 8 Solar Punch gummies boasts a whopping 100mg of Delta 8 and 10mg of pure THC isolate with no cannabis aftertaste. With a punch blend of delicious fruit flavours and 1mg of THC and 10mg of Delta 8 per piece, they’re giving spaced out a whole new meaning.

Zèle - Vanilla Cream Sativa Craft Soda


If you’re shopping for a social cannabis consumer or if you’re looking for a product to help you spread holiday cheer, then wrap up a six-pack of Vanilla Cream Sativa Craft Soda. Whether you are decking the halls or just chilling with friends, this artisanal craft-brewed soda will definitely brighten up the dark nights of winter. So put on your favourite holiday tunes and pop the top off a full-spectrum sativa Vanilla Cream soda, brewed with 10mg of fast-acting tasteless THC. Made with 10mg of fast-acting, tasteless THC and natural ingredients, Vanilla Cream is a delightfully creamy smooth full-spectrum soda.


Zyre Cannabis - Launch 1.0 Pineapple Punch Flavoured Cured Resin Vape

Zyre Cannabis

Zyre loves the holidays and how Launch 1.0 enhances those festive vibes. Their pineapple punch flavored full-spectrum, BC grown Jack Herer (sativa) vape is what you need to make this holiday season funner for longer. A DIY holiday gift bag means a wrapped gift from you while their gentle heat coil means smooth draws and mad props from your lucky bud.

Check Zyre's stockists for participating ON and BC stores

The holidays can be a busy time and we hoped we’ve saved you some time by creating this gift guide. Wherever you are and however you celebrate we wish you very best of the season! Before we go we’d also like to extend our heartfelt season’s greetings and gratitude to the fine folks and their families that shared their products with us for this guide: Dynaleo, Zèle, Rad Raddlers, EXCA, Blessed Edibles, Frankie Smoke, Potluck, Zyre Cannabis and Nuveev.

Nuveev - Nuveev Soothe Skincare Trio


With winter’s assault on our skin well underway, Nuveev's Soothe CBD facial care trio can be a thoughtful gift for you or someone on your list. With 450mg CBD, gender neutral scent and formula, Soothe Skincare Trio is great for all skin types and concerns.

Blessed Edibles - Blessed Bar: Mint dark chocolate with sea salt and cocoa nibs

Blessed Edibles

If you’re looking for something that won’t get you too high for family dinner or if you’re shopping for a new cannabis consumer Blessed Bar is here for you. This high CBD treat can help you keep cool around “that relative” and patient while you get that last minute holiday shopping done. The flavour alone is off the charts and combined with 100mg CBD and 10mg THC, this holiday dessert will bring everyone together. With 66% dark chocolate, this Blessed Bar of goodness is balanced with sea salt, a playful crunch and an exhale of cool mint. Keep things on the level this holiday season with Blessed Bar, a true legacy-to-legal product!

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