How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

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Now that cannabis is legal in so many areas, there are very few enthusiasts that have to concern themselves with the possibility of being drug tested. It might happen after a motor vehicle accident or erratic driving incident where the authorities believe that intoxication is a possibility,  and for some submitting to randomized drug testing is simply a part of the profession they choose, like in the case of long haul truck drivers who travel through regions where cannabis remains illegal.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the test, there are a few things that all cannabis consumers should know about them, including how they work, why they work, and the best way to prepare for one. The most commonly used drug test is urine, then blood leading a close second ahead of a hair follicle test, because a hair follicle test is much more expensive and takes more time to complete.

So the good news is that you probably won’t ever have to deal with a hair follicle test, but just in case, we have compiled this helpful guide to show you everything there is to know about how to pass a hair follicle test for cannabis.

What is a hair follicle drug test?

A hair follicle drug test uses a strand of hair to search for traces of illegal drugs that might include cannabis, prescription drugs, and other illicit substances. Typically, these tests are looking for drug use that has taken place within the last 90 days.

How does a hair follicle test work?

This kind of drug test is generally done in a professional environment, which might include a doctor’s office or laboratory. There, a specialist will remove anywhere from 100 to 150 strands of hair, which helps them to be more accurate in their assessment. Most people think of a hair follicle test as something that is conducted on hair from the scalp, but if the individual being tested has a shaved head, they may also accept hair strands from other parts of the body, like under the arm.

Once the samples are collected, they are packaged and labeled and often sent off to a laboratory for rigorous testing. The results may take varying lengths of time depending on the processing of the facility that is administering the drug test, but most take an average of 24 hours, and by then, testers will have either a positive or a negative answer indicating the presence of, or lack of, THC in the system.

How do THC/drugs get into hair?

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When a consumer smoke cannabis, the THC is introduced to the bloodstream through small pockets of gas called alveoli in the lungs. The transaction happens almost instantly which is why the effects are fast-acting and wear off quickly. If you eat edibles, the route that the cannabinoid takes is longer, which is through the lining of the stomach, which can take hours, but no matter how you enjoy weed products, they all end up in the same place.

The initial flood of cannabinoids goes through the bloodstream, and once most of it is gone, you will no longer feel the euphoric sensations, but small traces of THC will remain and deposit in various regions of the body. It eventually ends up pretty much everywhere, including in the veins that feed the hair that is on your scalp. It is there that the elusive element makes its grand entrance into each strand of hair.

How long does THC stay in the hair?

Most hair follicle test options cite a 90-day window of reliability, and that is because it takes approximately 3 months for the tainted sections of hair to grow out of the scalp and past the length of being detectable. These tests look in the lower sections of the hair, really close to the root for the most accurate predictions possible.

How to pass a hair drug test

If you have recently ingested cannabis products and need to pass a hair drug test, then your success is likely going to depend on how quickly your body processes the cannabinoids and grows hair. Most drug test cheat products are geared towards consumers that are taking urine tests, as they are easier to fake, but there is one that is most commonly used in the preparation of a hair follicle test, and that is detox shampoo.

What is detox Shampoo?

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Detox shampoo is a tool that is used to prepare the hair for a hair follicle test so that the person being tested has a much higher chance of passing.


How does detox shampoo work?

Detox shampoos all claim to work in a slightly different way, with some showing moisturizers and sealants as their primary ingredients, and others boasting a chemical-filled rinse that is meant to fry the hair so that all traces of THC are entirely destroyed, which should allow a cannabis enthusiast to successfully pass a hair follicle test.

How to use detoxing shampoo

Detoxing shampoos differ from brand to brand, with some requiring a more extended waiting period before rinsing the cream out, while others are slow spray soaks that just have to be slowly, gently, and evenly applied with a mister bottle until all of the hair is thoroughly soaked, before rinsing it clean. Most work in the exact same way as your traditional shampoo or conditioner, it’s just doing a different job while it's applied. Always follow the instructions on your bottle of detox shampoo for the best possible results.

How effective is it?

The trouble with these products is that it is incredibly difficult to find any evidence of them working to beat a drug test, and often, unregulated companies prey on the desperation of consumers and know that their products won’t really work. Since the element is quite literally ingrained into each hair strand, it is extremely unlikely that any store-bought detoxing shampoo or rinse is truly going to improve your chances of passing a hair follicle test.

Despite a lack of evidence, many consumers from all over the world swear by these products, so it’s impossible to know currently for certain, without trying. The important thing to remember is that if the product is effective, it is also likely to be damaging to the hair, scalp, and more, so proceed with caution anytime you try a detox shampoo on your hair, and avoid letting it run down your body and skin whenever possible by performing the rinse in a stainless steel sink or basin instead of the shower.

Other ways to pass a drug test

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Since there are so few store-bought options to choose from, cannabis enthusiasts have gotten creative with other unique ideas, but there are two tactics that are most often successful.

1. Shave the whole body

Since a hair follicle test requires many strands of hair in order to work, this is one of the most common workarounds that cannabis consumers have used successfully. The problem is that you can shave your whole head, and there will probably still be some hair left on your body.

Unfortunately, nearly any kind of body hair can be used for a hair test, so if you do go this route, it all must go, including every square inch of noticeable strands from your head to your toes. Just remember that this only denies whatever agency from being able to perform this test right now and rendering yourself unable to take it willingly may have other repercussions.

2. Bleach all hair

This idea works on the same premise as the detoxing shampoo, which uses a combination of chemicals and oils in an attempt to destroy any traces of THC. Bleach is one of the strongest most damaging treatments that hair can take, but many consumers, particularly women, report high rates of success after bleaching their hair before a hair follicle test.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Marijuana


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