Marijuana Industry Business Opportunities

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If you are searching for information on the opportunities that are currently available within the marijuana industry, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will help you to better understand how vast this market truly is, while offering helpful tips and tricks on how to enter the cannabis industry, and what all might be available as a viable option for beginners who don’t want to run a pot business themselves, but who would like to invest in the future of one.

Cannabis industry opportunities

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The industry is growing at an exponential rate, and every single day, new marijuana industry jobs are added to the long list of positions that never existed before. Many of which were created solely for the purpose of meeting government regulation, while others work more diligently to meet the consumers' needs. Before you delve into the cannabis industry, you will want to figure out which kind of business you would like to be a part of and to help, these are some of the most popular that exist right now.

Dispensary owner
The downsides of opening a marijuana dispensary are that licensing can be difficult to obtain and limited in quantity, that since cannabis remains illegal in many places, many banks won’t handle currency from them, which means more risk and work in managing and safely holding your own money. Despite that minor inconvenience, this is also where most of the action is, as 90% of marijuana products end up here, so there is plenty for financial incentive to try it out.

Breeders work hard to create a selection of high-quality cannabis seeds, which is why so many of them are also creators of new strains. The work of a breeder focuses on the plants’ genetics and preserving, and or combining them to create results that are high in demand by consumers and growers, which might mean a certain strength of effects or a more resilient strain that can hold up to stress and pests.

Growing is a tough sector of the marijuana industry to get into, as most regulations for legal producers require an indoor facility and stringent policies just to get a license, but that doesn’t make it impossible, only more challenging. Being a cultivator often means striking deals with dispensaries for product and growing cannabis plants that are healthy, consistent, and contain pure genetics so that consumers know what they are buying when they return for the same strain.

This is one of the newest marijuana industry jobs, as it focuses on the making of infused products like edibles or topicals. While they do not grow their own cannabis plants, they too are held to strict regulations and licensing to function legally.

Extractors take raw marijuana plant materials and process them into concentrated versions like oil, tincture, rosin, or hash. Some cannabis industry brands choose to focus on the extraction of only THC or CBD to enhance the effects of each of the potent cannabinoids for consumers. These products can be sold through marijuana dispensaries, but due to a recent change in regulation, they are now highly sought after by edibles companies who use them to infuse products, so the market in this area is expanding quite rapidly, making it an excellent option for investors.

Ancillary business
This is a category of the marijuana industry that covers any business that doesn’t ever touch the cannabis plant, or it’s materials. A few examples of this might be through online marketing for cannabis businesses or financial advisement for large marijuana companies. If you already have an established skillset, then you may be able to enter the marijuana industry by simply changing your consumers base.

Marijuana industry jobs

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If you do decide that the cannabis industry is the right one for you, then you will probably eventually need to hire some staff to help, and since it’s such a new business, a lot of people don’t realize how many bodies it can take to run something as simple as a marijuana dispensary. Just a few of the most important cannabis industry jobs include:

  • Dispensary owner
  • Manager
  • CEO
  • Master grower
  • Cannabis stocks trader

How big is the marijuana industry?

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The cannabis industry at first glance might seem small in comparison, but this past year alone, it has brought in a whopping estimate of around 10 billion dollars, and according to the specialists at Cowen, it is expected to grow exponentially with a forecast of just over 50 billion which is excellent news for cannabis professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors who are looking to get started now.


How to get into the marijuana industry

If you have no prior history or experience working within the cannabis industry, then the best way to start such an endeavor is to heavily research the sectors that you find interesting, followed by important inquiries about licensing, regulations, and everything else you might need to know. After all, if the idea is still appealing to you, then the next step is to formulate a solid marijuana business plan.

Opening a fully functioning business might not be for you, and that’s ok because there is still plenty of room for you to get involved with the cannabis industry without such an investment of time and money. Cannabis stocks and trading can be a lucrative adventure, as long as you know how to predict the ups and downs that come with any major business.

How to invest in the marijuana industry

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There are a few different ways that you can invest in the cannabis industry.

  1. Cannabis stocks
    There are so many different marijuana businesses out there that are established enough to be selling shares and stocks to the public. This is a great way for those who can’t afford to start their own business to get involved in the industry.

  2. Crowdsourcing
    The marijuana industry is one of the few that banks don’t like to deal with, which leaves quite a few excellent ideas unrealized, as those with them can’t afford to get them off of the ground and don’t know where to turn for help. Become an investment angel and place smaller sums of financial aid on the line in exchange for a bigger payout once they make it big.

  3. Private lending
    If you would like to cut out the middle man altogether, then you might want to consider offering private financial assistance through a high interest loan that will guarantee you either a percentage of profits earned from the company, future stocks, or just a good chunk of interest on top of monthly payments as the loan is paid back. Just ensure that you do so with the assistance of a lawyer and set proper contracts in place so that all parties are completely protected.

Cannabis business for sale

If you’d like to skip right over starting from scratch and buy a business that is already set up and ready to go, then you can check out real estate and business listings in your local area, but one of the best cannabis exclusive listing companies is called 420 Property, and it’s an excellent resource for anyone located in the United States or Canada.

How to Start a Cannabis Business


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