How to Find and Apply for Cannabis Jobs


The cannabis industry is booming, and there are so many cannabis jobs out there right now that you can find something to suit almost any skillset if you know where to look. Here, we will shine a little light on some of the hottest cannabis jobs in the industry and show you how to find them and how to successfully apply for the position of your dreams.

Different sectors of the industry

Before you decide which cannabis jobs you might be interested in, you will need to know all of the different sections that span across the industry, including:

  • Growing
  • Selling
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Types of jobs available

These are just a few of the cannabis jobs that you might come across in your search for work within the industry.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance in the food manufacture field has transferable skills. Working under strict guidelines from Health Canada also applies to growing marijuana and manufacturing products derived from the cannabis plant.

Budtenders, this position is the second most listed position when hiring for jobs in the cannabis industry. This position is needed at private cannabis dispensaries or Government-owned corporations depending on the province.

Whether it’s growing, cultivating or production of marijuana, these are all tasks for a cultivator and there is a great demand for them when this part of the cannabis industry cycle comes into play

Marketing and sales will be a critical sector for the cannabis industry. The products and names of companies will need to be introduced to more prominent retailers which is a forward move for marketing the small cannabis dispensaries and head shops.

This person commands a high six-figure salary, as the cultivation of various strains of the marijuana plant is under their responsibility.

Greenhouse laborer
Although this is a new industry, the greenhouse worker is a needed commodity. As it pertains to greenhouse labor, specific knowledge of growing marijuana is not necessary, and there are usually many transferable skills associated with greenhouse labor that are in demand.

We use the herb in more ways other than the plant form, these include oils and tinctures being a couple. This means we need to hire staff that has the knowledge necessary for these procedures. Machines will do the actual extraction, but not without the knowledge of the highly trained technician. This is usually a person with a PhD and can command up to a seven-figure salary. This position has commonly been named the extractor.

It is mind-boggling the opportunities that are available within this industry. Have you thought about being a chef? This will also be a very needed skill in the industry. Edibles will be on the market and in demand in which chefs will be accountable for assuring correct doses to be used in their products. A five-figure income is easily attainable.

We can not forget the entrepreneur who wants to open their own business. Be prepared for many headaches. It is a relatively a new business, and not all the wrinkles are out yet. The salary for an entrepreneur really is limitless and the sky is the limit. Not only that, but this job could theoretically be just one of the many ‘work from home’ cannabis jobs possible.

Doctors who trained in marijuana use and ethics will require more education specific to marijuana use and its benefits. Therefore the need for more educators, specific to marijuana and its medical benefits, are needed as well.

The government will also now need to hire agents that are trained in cannabis inspection. To date, these government agents have been trained in liquor and gaming only.

What skills are needed?

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The employment agencies are looking for people who can work in a fast-changing environment, who have transferable skills and are looking for candidates that want long term employment. The fast-paced industry is like no other as far as trying to fill positions that are available in all aspects of the cannabis industry. There is an abundance of positions that are needing to be filled, and the cannabis industry is hungry for staff.

The cannabis industry does not only need people to show you how to buy weed, that being the budtender, but the dynamic, exciting cannabis industry is also promising to be a prominent growing business sector. The entrepreneur who is starting on the bottom floor has an excellent seat for a ride quite like no other. There is no specific skill set required, only a dream or great ideas are necessary.


How to build a resume for cannabis jobs

Try to gear your resume towards the position that you would like to be considered for, and elaborate on things that wouldn’t necessarily be considered cannabis-related. Though some jobs within the cannabis industry do require a specific skill set, many of the positions available today need transferable abilities. Don’t forget to include things like knowing how to manage cash, work as a team member, and your reliability, which are skills that employers from all types of businesses like to have in an employee.

What they pay

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Chief Executive Officer
The heads of bustling cannabis businesses earn an average salary of $285,000. This number is the average salary of the top 5 cannabis companies in the country.

Cannabis Dispensary Manager
This position earns an average of $68,000, and the job title means running a retail cannabis shop for either medicinal or recreational purposes. These skills needed, involve the constant monitoring of local laws that could apply to the dispensary, governing employees, and more.

Edible Producer
This job also goes by the title cooks of the cannabis industry, and people in these cannabis jobs earn an average fo $46,000 per year.

This is the knowledgeable person behind the counter who assists you in how to buy weed and acts as an advisor/counselor and cashier while educating shoppers on the products that the dispensary carries. If you score one of these cannabis jobs you can expect an average salary of around $32,000.

Security Workers
Professional security is a necessary part of the hiring chain for the cannabis industry, and employees who fill these positions make an average of $34,300 per year.

Bud Trimmer
This is an essential part of the harvesting process and it’s not the easiest of jobs, but it also doesn’t require a degree to be considered for hiring, which is why it’s a pretty good starting position for anyone who is looking to break into the cannabis industry for the very first time. The average pay for a bud trimmer is on the lower side of $29,000 per year; but since it’s a seasonal position, that works out to some pretty good hourly pay.

What are the best paying jobs in the industry

The best-paying jobs available are going to require diligence and skill to obtain, which is no easy feat for the average cannabis consumer. The highest-paid roles tend to be positions of power such as owners, co-owners, or CEO’s of a company, but there is plenty of money in being self-employed in nearly all sections of the cannabis industry.

How to find cannabis jobs

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Cannabis jobs are hidden gems that are often given to those who know someone or have a direct connection with an owner that is already in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to find, it just means that you will have to search a bit harder to find a really good one. An excellent place to start is your local marijuana dispensary, where you are bound to find people with insider information on what’s available and where it’s being posted.

On a rare occasion, cannabis jobs have been posted to online websites like Kiji under discreet wording and titles that you might not recognize as weed-related. Delivery positions are most commonly found this way, but if you want something bigger and better, then you will need to run with the big guys, and hit up some of your local cannabis companies personally, to inquire while skimming through the massive database of postings on Weedmaps and Leafly for every opportunity near you.

Why you can’t search for cannabis jobs on craigslist

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Craigslist just like Facebook is dedicated to abiding by the laws that govern all the countries they provide for, which is why you can’t search for cannabis jobs this way. Since at the federal level cannabis consumption still remains illegal for both recreational and medical consumption, Craigslist has completely banned all cannabis postings from using the platform.

The highest paying cannabis jobs that are now available to Canadians


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