An Introduction to Cannabis Cosmetics

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THCV, CBD, CBG, and many other cannabinoids and terpenes are quickly becoming a popular ingredient choice among innovative  companies looking to implement new ideas to create experiences for more than just cannabis enthusiasts. Leading the way is a new generation of beauty lovers and experts who are formulating products for the health-conscious consumer, often leaning away from THC, to accommodate the needs of a broader customer base.

What are cannabis cosmetics?

Cannabis cosmetics can include almost any product you might put on your face, from lips balms to moisturizers, to cleansers and even drinks that contain cannabinoids, or other natural hemp plant-derived elements to improve skin health. Some are for style, like eyeshadow, or liner, while others focus on getting to the core of your facial needs, to deliver soothing less pronounced benefits like face washes, and cooling gels.

Are they all the same?

Cannabis cosmetics or as some call it weed makeup are not all created equally. Though all brands contain some form of cannabis or hemp elements, what lies within each product depends on the manufacturer, and the amount of care they put into making it. Some might only boast a certain combination of active cannabinoids, while others place more focus on the essence of the natural oils and the healing powers they wield.

Some boast a wonderful blend of all-natural ingredients, and others are full of highly processed fillers that might not be the best for your skin. For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredient labels on these products.

The benefits of using cannabis cosmetics

Cannabis cosmetics offer a wide range of benefits, from simply being a more natural base ingredient than many other alternatives on the market, to holding the potent power of cannabinoids like CBD, which may help to reduce inflammation, regulate oil production, and hydrate the skin.

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits could work to soothe common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and severe dryness, but the true extent of the perks of any product entirely depends on what it is, and how it’s formulated - CBD is only one piece of the puzzle.


An example of high-quality cannabis cosmetics

If you’re looking for a good, reliable cannabis cosmetics brand then it might be time to check out a company that prides itself in its products just as much as you care about your skin. It helps to check labels while scanning for anything too processed, or fragrances that might be harsh on the skin. Ideally, beauty aficionados are after expert-created formulations, and Nuveev is a perfect example of this, with a whole line of CBD-infused options such as this Restorative Facial Cleanser, this Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, and of course, a Gentle Hydrating Mist to give your whole look a lift.

Learn more about Nuveev

If you’d like to learn more about Nuveev cannabis cosmetics, then we highly recommend checking out their website by visiting nuveev.com or giving them a follow on Instagram.



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