Why your marijuana plants leaves are turning yellow

Published Feb 16, 2019 10:31 p.m. ET

Call the doctor we need an accurate diagnosis before we can treat our beautiful marijuana plants with yellow tips. I’m joking, but we do need a quick diagnosis to remedy the situation. Why is your weed plant turning yellow? Let's go over a few reasons why this might be happening.

  1. Overwatering or underwatering could be one of the issues. Plants need the right amount of water to be given at the right time with every watering. If you lift your containers when you have just watered them, you will feel the weight. Do this when the containers are dry also, just to give you the feeling of wet and dry containers. If you can't lift your plants due to the size of containers, then you might want to purchase a humidity level meter which you stick in the pot and get a humidity reading. Providing too much water can lead you to another problem, root rot. If you provide too little water, you will be stunting the growth of your cannabis plant.

  2. Pests or bugs can be a cause for yellow leaves. The plant will lack its usual vigor. You will be able to see the bugs or the eggs on the plant. A common pest is the fungus gnat; these pests float above the soil in the container. It's not the fungus gnat that is the problem it’s the larvae. The roots of your plant are their food. Best advice is to identify the bug or pest quickly and act accordingly to get rid of them. Left untreated they could kill your young plants.

  3. Problems with the temperature whether hot or cold can cause heat stress or cold shock. The upper leaves may turn yellow, and the leaves will begin to turn up at the edges. Regulate the temperature; it is not good to be under 60F at night and not above 85F during the day. To avoid hot spots, ensure that there is air circulation. If your plants are on cement floors, you may be sending them into cold shock. Lift the plants off the cold floor.

  4. Improper fertilization can leave your plant with light green leaves or yellow tips. Make sure that you read the instructions on the fertilizer bottles pre to mixing. If you need to flush out the plant due to incorrect fertilizer, try flushing your plant with pure water.

Normal yellowing of marijuana leaves

It can be disconcerting to see your beautiful marijuana leaves turning yellow and brown, sometimes it is normal. It is a normal aging process. When your plant is young, and your plant has grown a couple of sets of leaves it is normal for the first sets to turn yellow. They are also not receiving the same amount of sunlight.  More than likely the first 3 sets of leaves will turn yellow and drop off. So long as the rest of your plant is vibrant, sturdy and healthy, you have no problems with a few yellow leaves.

Be careful not to endanger your own plants when visiting other growers. It is easy to transfer diseases from plant to plant. Look at marijuana leaves turning yellow or brown, as an early warning sign. Take appropriate action, and all should be fine. Enjoy the benefits of your hard labor.


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