Why you should and how to grow marijuana organically

Published Jul 4, 2019 11:01 a.m. ET
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It seems that many people are under the impression that it takes mountains of nutrients, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals for a crop of almost any kind to thrive, but that is simply not true for all or even most plant species. This is generally done in an attempt to control and limit financial losses, but many don’t realize the potential implications of doing so when it comes to plants that produce the products that we will ingest. Here, we will talk about what it means to grow any type of plant organically, why you should consider it, and how to grow marijuana that thrives naturally.

What does organic growing mean?

When a plant or food is labeled as organic, what it means is that it has never been exposed to chemical laden pesticides, fertilizers, or any other growth boosters that are not naturally produced.

Why you should grow marijuana organically

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to avoid chemicals of any sort coming into contact with any products that you will be ingesting, but when it comes to cannabis, the addition of these treatments can have some pretty devastating effects on your buds, and your health.

  • Typically, it is recommended that if you use fertilizers and other chemicals that you should conduct a cleansing period of at least two weeks before harvest. The trouble is that many of those elements remain left behind in the bud flowers that you will want to consume at some point which often results in a burnt taste and smell when the weed is smoked, and a bitter aftertaste if it’s made into marijuana edibles.

  • Many of the substances that stick around are carcinogens and known to cause cancer when heated.

  • Cannabis plants are naturally equipped to ward off disease and predators when they are given the appropriate natural nutrients that they need to thrive.

How to grow marijuana organically

If you know how to grow cannabis with fertilizers, the growing organically will be a breeze once you get the hang of it. There are a few essential tools that you will want to keep on hand to do so. The main goal of growing any crop organically is to avoid all chemicals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide natural nutrients. Below you will find five handy essentials that every grower should have on hand that wants to stay organic.

  1. Super soil
    Super soil is a term that is lent to dirt that has been mixed with amendments to fill it with essential nutrients for cannabis plants.

  2. Ashes
    Want something quick and simple that does the job? While its effectiveness is highly debated, ashes from burnt wood contain many of the minerals that are perfect additions to any grow box.

  3. Manure
    Sheep, cow, goat, swine, equine, rabbit, and chicken are all suitable to use as a base in manure fertilizer recipes. They work as an excellent source of NPK that is slowly released and only needs to be added once to last an entire season.

  4. Fish or bone meal
    Animal bone meals are high in phosphorus and essential proteins that can help to boost a plants growth. The trouble is, they can be challenging to use on plants that are already established and can worsen issues that are caused by high PH water levels.

  5. Worm hummus
    One bag of worm hummus, one bucket, and one pump are all that is needed to grow all-natural macronutrients that your marijuana plants will thrive on. The best part about this method is it can be easily added to your regular watering for an utterly organic boost.

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