Why sanitation in a grow room is important

Published May 2, 2019 09:39 a.m. ET
AP Photo/Justin L. Fowler

“Grow weed easy” they said. “It’s no big deal.” Such common sentiments made to reference growing marijuana, but how true are they? Sure, anyone can grab a handful of seeds and plant them into some soil. They might even blossom into a product that is enough to be proud of, but the most commonly ignored issues of sanitation in a grow room can affect yield and crop a lot more than you might think. It can also adversely impact the environment and seeing as most grow rooms are now in people’s homes, this is a problem that everyone should know how and how to avoid before they begin. Here you will find the five most important reasons you should keep your grow room clean, and why each one is important to the health of the crop and the humans who might be exposed to harmful elements.

1. Mold

Growing marijuana requires a great deal of light, heat, and moisture. All of which help to contribute to the growth of harmful mold spores that can infiltrate your precious buds which will destroy the cannabinoids and have the potential to make anyone who consumes it ill. It can also be dangerous for your health to breathe it in once airborne. The introduction of mold can also lead to the appearance of the next possible problem that can be caused by an unsanitized grow room.

2. Pests

Marijuana plants are a hardy species that are known for their ability to thrive even in the least ideal environments. However, once thing that pot plants won’t hold up well to is the introduction of pests that began to feast on the plant materials, slowly killing it. Mites, gnats, and many other tiny microscopic pests thrive when the conditions are too wet or being to mold. Even with immediate treatment, a crop that’s been subject to a swarm of hungry pests might not survive, so it’s best to keep a clean and sanitary room before facing such a possibility.

3. Cross contamination


If you are just growing recreational weed for yourself, then this part might not be something that affects you much. However, for those who are trying to set up a successful breeding program, cross contamination can ruin all your hard work and destroy a dream crop. Pollen can remain active long after it falls from the marijuana plant and can inadvertently insert unwanted genetics into a fresh bunch of plants that are placed in a room that hasn’t been properly sanitized. Unless you want unexpected genes and seedy weed, it’s always a good idea to clean your grow room between crops.

4. Bacteria

Bacteria tend to be more harmful to the air quality and humans living in the vicinity than the marijuana plants themselves, but this is an often-overlooked aspect of growing marijuana. A dirty grow room provides the perfect base for bacteria to begin to thrive which can lead to mold growth, pests, or health issues in those who breathe the air inside.

5. Structural damage

A dirty grow room tends to provide the ideal environment for all different types of things like those listed above to flourish. Eventually, the moisture will allow these growths to enter the air and at some point the walls and anything else surrounding the growing marijuana plants. This can destroy the structural integrity of the drywall, pain, support beams, and insulation which can be a costly repair if ignored and is one of the main concerns of landlords in regions that have legalized recreational weed.



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