Why living soil is the best growing medium for cannabis

Published Feb 16, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Living soil is a growing medium that comes equipped with a community of microbes and organisms that work together to break down organic materials, turning them into nutrients that are perfect for your cannabis plants. It might sound complicated, but we promise it’s nowhere near as hard as it sounds to make, maintain, or use, and we’re going to give you five reasons why it’s more than worth it to all about this useful tool right now.

1. Aeration

Without a healthy supply of oxygen cannabis plant’s vascular system have trouble functioning and their roots are unable to absorb enough water to thrive. In living soil, the microorganisms that live inside also require oxygen, and the ingredients used in this growing medium ensure that it’s always available.

2. Disease and pest management

Healthy soil means healthy plants and that makes them far less likely to become victims to common pests because they become less appealing to hungry infiltrators. Healthy plants are also much better at thwarting off deadly diseases and recovering from accidental invasions that are caught early.

3. Easier nutrient absorption

Living soil doesn’t completely eliminate the need to feed cannabis plants, but it sure does reduce the likelihood of needing heavy-duty additives to make up for areas where unhealthy soil is lacking. When there are enough easily accessible essential nutrients throughout the soil, it’s much easier for the plant to tap into them, and it’s far less likely to ever have to go without something it needs to thrive.

4. Save money and time


Living soil might sound complicated, but once you’ve got it down and a good base started, this practice can save you a whole lot of money and time. It will hold moisture for longer which means less watering, and it won’t need to be completely replaced for each crop. Though store-bought options might seem a bit strenuous on the budget, it’s actually really cheap and easy to make homemade living soil, as long as you have a bit of guidance along the way, and we’ve got a how-to guide that can simplify the process.

5. Smaller carbon footprint

Growing medium options are not in short supply, but some of the most widely utilized products have the absolute worst impact on the environment. Indoor grows often rely on the worst growing mediums which are promptly tossed into landfills once they're done with it, and that’s a big problem for our planet. Living soil will last for years, with very little if any need for chemical intervention, and that’s a good thing for the health of everyone.

The end result is happier, healthier plants and cultivators

Living soil is only recently gaining attention, even though it’s the absolute best choice for the majority of both indoor and outdoor cultivators. It feeds plants that flourish into bigger, brighter, tastier, smellier, more incredible buds, which means higher quality results are gained after all of that hard work. So, whether you’re a connoisseur who wants the best product or someone on a budget who needs to get the biggest bang for your buck, living soil is where it’s at!

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