Which CBD seeds should you try to grow?

Published Jul 4, 2019 09:49 a.m. ET
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Hemp is from the cannabis sativa plant and is cultivated to produce extremely low levels of THC in the plant while aiming for a high content CBD component. Sativa strains produce higher levels of THC than its indica plant partner does.

CBD is the known non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and is becoming as popular and perhaps growing faster in popularity that it's counter-partner THC. The choice of which CBD seeds to use is growing, and the health benefits are following just as quickly.

CBD is being used for treating:

• Epilepsy
• Anti-inflammatory issues
• Depression
• Chronic pain

The following are some of the top CBD seeds around, and if derived from a stable seed will produce a desired high CBD content product.

Critical Mass CBD Feminized
Blue Ice Flower
Blue Ice Feminized
Island Dream
Candy Dream Feminized

There are also marijuana strains that are high in CBD content, some of those that are worth mentioning for those that enjoy smoking CBD  benefits are:

  1. CBD Lemon Potion Auto
    An auto-flowering, profoundly enriched CBD strain. The CBD/THC ratios are 2:1
  2. CBD Blue Shark
    An indica dominant strain, providing relief from pain and nausea
  3. CBD Caramel
    Produces a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1 delivering a delicious sweet taste and aroma

CBD seeds are available for the consumer who enjoys Sativa, Indica or hybrid cannabis strains.

For the hemp grower whose objective is to produce a high CBD content in the plant, choosing the perfect seed selection is imperative to providing an upscale, top-shelf health product. Before a plant can produce abundant crops high in CBD, a stable, productive seed is necessary. The using of a questionable seed can lead to failure by the field full. Purchasing questionable seeds can lead to the instability of the CBD plants future.

The 2018 Farm Bill inures that the hemp being grown for national selling must contain less than .3 % THC. There will be no psychoactive effects delivered from the plant.

For those that enjoy experimenting with different cannabis strain for health benefits,  try using a high-CBD strain like Harlequin, which has equal levels of THC and CBD. THC is calmed by the component CBD and leaves the patient with a calm overall feeling, that can treat the pain but leave a clear head. The CBD/THC ratio is 5:2.

CBD strains need to be harvested early. The levels of CBD degrade much quicker than THC. Be prepared for a high yield if you provide the plant with proper growing conditions. Harlequin loves warm temperatures 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

CBD has become the ride to take when looking for cannabis strains to grow that will benefit you for the numerous health benefits, of which some have been mentioned here.

If you are planning to start your CBD hemp adventures, you can plant by:

• Seeds
• Feminized seeds
• Female clones
• Regular and feminized seedling

When growing hemp for your CBD oils, vigilance is needed to check for the unwanted males among your plants. These intruders need to be destroyed. CBD plants do not need the male plant, due to them triggering the production of seeds, which ultimately reduce the CBD content in your plant.


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