What are marijuana grow tents?

Published Mar 22, 2019 09:35 a.m. ET

Now that pot is legal more and more people are searching for the best way to grow their cannabis at home with the least amount of work. Growing marijuana in a grow tent is becoming much more common with utilities costs rising, and our living spaces shrinking. It makes sense to find an economical and more efficient way to grow weed without all the extra cost and space that a grow room requires to maintain an ideal environment.

What is a marijuana grow tent?

A marijuana grow tent is a vague term that is generally used to describe a prefab or homemade shelter that is used to grow plants indoors. They are made of a thick water resistant material that is often reflective inside and almost completely sealed unless you open a door or window that attached. A marijuana grow tent is meant to house a certain number of plants alongside a light fixture of some sort.

How do grow tents work?

Grow tents work on several different levels due to their design that makes the most of anything you put into it. Marijuana grows tent can completely seal which will hold in any heat or humidity that is created from the heat of the lights and regular watering. It is not difficult to maintain an average temperature, and humidity level in a small enclosed space, unlike an entire grow room which is almost impossible to keep at a perfect humid level without potentially damaging the space it is in. Usually, a grow tent is erected, and a light fixture is installed. If you buy a high quality grow tent, it will also have pre-cut holes for a grow tent filter setup which will allow a fresh air exchange without affecting the environment within the tent. Reflective walls will make the most of any light within and allow for even penetration of the leaves. A marijuana plant can reach full maturity within a grow tent that is all contained within a few feet of space. All these things add up to providing the ideal environment for marijuana plants to thrive.

Marijuana grow setup cost


Here is a breakdown of the average marijuana grow setup cost when you choose to use marijuana grow tent that can grow up to four plants at one time.

Grow Tent- $100
Grow Tent Filter Setup- $50
Light Fixture- $50
Seeds- $50
Dirt- $5
Pots- $5
Timer- $5
Total= $265 for the average grow tent setup cost.

Grow room vs grow tent

A grow room can provide a large amount of space in which to maintain and care for numerous cannabis plants but can be incredibly challenging to maintain suitable temperatures, lighting, and humidity, and it is hard to smell proof a room. Grow tents are virtually smell-proof and keep any moisture inside while maximizing the illumination of the light fixture that is held within it. A grow room may require up to twice as many lights per plant since they do not have the same ability to reflect the light at the plants. Sometimes you will see grow rooms with foil lined walls to reproduce this effect, but it is most effective when it is located as close to the leaves as possible. If you want to grow more than four plants than marijuana grow tent probably isn’t for you, but if you are going to produce a few small plants that provide a robust yield without a massive spike in your hydro bill than buying one is probably a more worthwhile investment.



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