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Unusual measures that could help you to grow better weed

Published Apr 21, 2021 09:30 a.m. ET
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You’ve probably heard every sales pitch there is out there promising to boost your yield, increase potency, or in general, increase your success with cannabis cultivation. There’s a whole market that’s built on this idea that you need top-of-the-line tools and resources to turn pro and produce high-quality cannabis flower, but the truth is that there is plenty you can do to improve the health of a crop without any of that, which should also increase plant growth and strength. However, not all tried and true methods that we talk about here are conventional or even believable to many growers.

1. Encouraging words

Positive reinforcement takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to plants and how they have proven to respond to human voices. In some studies, plants that are exposed to positive tones and saying are much more likely to thrive than those that are forced to endure tension or angry sentiments. That’s right, your bad mood should leave at the grow room door, and only positive thoughts and words should be shared within ears shot of your crop. How well this works is still unclear, but we do know that it does.

2. High-stress training

This is an unusual method of plant training that is often utilized in hopes of creating more cannabis flower, but it does come with a host of risks, as it requires, in essence, the careful destruction of each plant to force what could result in ample high-stress plant growth or a dead specimen. In some cases, the branches are held carefully in place to allow for the most efficient light distribution, and in others, branches are chopped, hacked, or sliced in hopes that the plant will sprout 2 where 1 would have been. It’s not easy and best left in the hands of professionals, but it is possible.

3. Music

We know that plants, in general, respond positively to positive energy through the human language when it’s spoken nearby, and this same logic applies to music as well. Though the handful of research on this topic was inconclusive as far as the best type of tune to play for plant growth, one thing was clear, and it was that songs offering a soothing or happier beat and melody did seem to have a more positive impact on the health of the plants involved. We aren’t sure of its effectiveness, but there is no benefit to keeping your grow room quiet, so set up a stereo and crank some positive, upbeat tunes that make you feel good.

4. Aquarium water

We don’t all have a fish tank in our homes, but many of us know someone who does, and this stuff can do wonders for cannabis plant growth. It’s stinky to work with, that’s for sure, but it’s also rich in beneficial microorganisms, nitrogen, potassium, and ammonia, all of which are great for boosting the size of cannabis flower and plants. These ingredients work as fertilizer, feeding the plant through all stages of life, and it’s natural, so you don’t have to worry about risking your own health for big buds.

5. Germination using potatoes

Cannabis cultivation often includes several transfers that can be very difficult on the established root system of a plant, particularly while in its most fragile stages. We move germinated seeds to pods or pots and then move those to either larger pots or outdoor gardens. It’s a whole bunch of musical chairs, and it’s no good for plant growth. Instead use a lifelong germination tool like potatoes, which will protect a cannabis seed and feed it right from the early days of germination until it’s time for harvest.

6. Plastic bins

Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference

Have you found that your seedlings seem to stay small forever? If so, there is something that you can do to fix it, and all you’ll need is a transparent container that is large enough to create somewhat of a seal around the plant without touching the leaves. This will help to create the greenhouse effect, amplifying available heat and humidity, trapping it inside with the seedlings where it really needs to be. It might not seem like much, but this step can significantly increase plant growth, especially in the early stages.

7. Eggshells

We wouldn’t normally recommend adding food products to your cannabis plants, and for a good reason, as they can attract bugs and pests that can cause damage. However, washed, dried, and then crushed eggshells can actually have the opposite effect, plus they can feed your plants some much-needed essential nutrients simply by being scattered across the soil within a few inches of the base. Though its effectiveness is highly debated, many swear by this trick made famous by old-school cultivators.

8. Coffee filters

Coffee grounds are highly acidic, so they aren’t necessarily recommended for use with cannabis plants, as they can throw off the PH of soil rather quickly, which can have devastating effects. However, a fresh, clean filter can work perfectly as a pot liner, making it easier to slide out everything; soil, plants, root system, and all, which is useful when you’re planning on transplanting. This technique can save your plants from damage that could stunt growth, something that no grower wants.

9. Make your own watering can

This might not seem like an essential step until you realize all of the problems that come from using most conventional watering cans or hoses on cannabis plants. They’re all either too hard or too soft when you want to recreate the natural strength training as well as soothing sensations that would naturally be provided by the rain. So, save your crop some damage while ensuring that they maintain strength by making your own that flows just the right amount.

10. Move in your own bugs

This idea makes a lot of cannabis cultivation experts cringe because it means introducing a creature that isn’t sterile to an environment where every care is taken to ensure there is no cross-contamination of any sort, but it’s effective. Ladybugs are one of the most effective cost-wise and in regard to efficiency because it really doesn't take much to keep them alive, and they can fend off common sweet plant predators like spider mites or aphids while doing no damage to the plants.

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