The best types of burp lids for curing cannabis

Published Apr 6, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re looking for a revolutionary new process for curing cannabis, then this could be it. Burp lids do the work; no more going from mason jar to mason jar, unscrewing lid after lid. Gone is the guesswork of remembering which wide-mouth mason jars you have already opened. Curing cannabis is crucial to ensure the best possible results in cannabis storage. Cannabis curing also makes it so that you will enjoy a flavorful, smooth smoke every time.

There are many burp lids on the market today, and some of them are named appropriately.


This company promises to make the process of curing cannabis as easy as one, two, three. BurpLids offers just three steps to perfection. Using this three-step process for curing cannabis is exclusive to BurpLids.

The process is as simple as:

  • Place
  • Pump
  • Burp

Capping your mason jars with BurpLids is the way to begin curing cannabis to perfection. Once a day, you will use negative pressure to force-feed needed fresh air into your mason jar via the BurpLids pump placed in the lid. In oxidized environments, THC will convert quite rapidly into CBN.

Burplids features:

  • Each Burp lid is designed so that you no longer have to worry about the over-tightening of the jars.

  • The integrated date keeper in each lid solves the mystery of knowing exactly when your bud is cured to perfection.

  • The superior airlock valve technology in the lids builds up a negative pressure inside the jars while creating a vacuum seal

  • Eliminating mould by having the weed-less exposed to potential mould spores in the open air.

  • The oxygen extractor pump allows the stale air in the jar that could be responsible for ruining your cannabis harvest to be removed, providing a perfect flavorful means to curing cannabis.


If you have no time to babysit your weed once it has been put in the mason jar or larger container, then CureCork could be just what you are looking for. CureCork will help you to walk the path that leads to the art of perfect curing. The lid fits onto any mason jar, and it’s also adaptable to other containers. Burping your container is automatic which leaves your hands free. This lid is programable for your cannabis curing preferences.

CureCork features:

  • Temperature gauge
  • Humidity monitor
  • Adaptable fitting
  • Automated release

Boreal Seeds

Automated curing systems are part of the Boreal Seeds inventory. Nothing is worse than opening a container of your harvested herb only to find mould or that your buds smell like hay. This is caused by the curing process not being completed correctly. You have dried your herb but have not advanced to the curing stage. Boreal seeds have nine automated systems to choose from for curing cannabis to the full extent.

The systems are based on the size of jars or containers used. For small harvests, perhaps like the one in your backyard, the kits can cover one mason jar, half-gallon jars, and one-gallon jars. Each jar will have a quarter-pound capacity. Once a day, the set timer will start the pump enabling the jar to be pressurized. Old gas and humidity are pushed out through the exhaust valve; when completed, the pump shuts off automatically.

All of the equipment is:

  • Food grade
  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Large four-inch openings in jars, so hands and buds will not get stuck
  • Unbreakable

The process for burping your cannabis includes:

  • Fill the container with your dried buds.
  • Set the timer for 15 min every twenty-four hours

Three weeks later, your container will be filled with the entirely cured bud that is undamaged and ready for long-term cannabis storage.

The furniture that doubles as a secure storage solution for cannabis


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