The best-rated hydroponic systems of 2020

Published Sep 18, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you like gardening and fancy yourself to have a green thumb, a cannabis hydroponic garden may be just what you need. A hydroponic system gardening can be accomplished in a small area if you lack the space, and cannabis can be grown in one using several different methods. Commonly cannabis is referred to as being either indoor or outdoor raised, but if someone refers to their weed as being "indoor," it has probably been grown by a hydroponic system.

What does the term hydroponic mean?

When you grow your marijuana without soil, you are using hydroponics for your garden. Many innovative cannabis farmers use this system to their advantage and benefit. The impression that hydroponic cannabis is grown solely by water is not so, as this plant needs water, nutrients, and a growing medium. Of course, as the word implies, water is the main factor of a hydroponic garden, but there must also be a growing medium.

The growing medium could be:

  • Vermiculture
  • Coconut coir
  • Perlite

These are just a few of the growing mediums that are available today. The hydroponic method directs you to feed the plant roots with nutrient-rich water instead of watering soil.


Today hydroponics is often seen as a modern means of gardening. However, the hydroponic garden has been recorded as a method of gardening that was used by the Aztecs in the 10th century, so it’s been around for a while.

Benefits of a hydroponic cannabis garden

  • Using this ancient method of gardening can improve the plant growth rate by 20%, and the yield from the plant may be increased by up to 25%

  • Using the hydroponic method enables you to enjoy growing weed anywhere

  • Using this method requires less water overall than the soil method of growing cannabis. Water used in this system of growing cannabis can be recycled and used again for the same process.

  • Far fewer pesticides are required as you are not using soil. The soil produces most pests and plant diseases, so avoiding the use of earth ensures that fewer pesticides are necessary.

  • Like most things, hydroponics has its share of disadvantages. The cost of hydroponic systems is an issue as they are becoming expensive. The spread of water-borne disease is also a problem that you will need to be prepared for. Sadly, waterborne diseases seem to spread faster than those that originate from the soil.

    Some of the best hydroponic growing systems of 2020

    1. Viagrow Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System
    • Three-layers
    • 108 plant sites
    • An ebb and hydroponic flow system
    • Comes with a 50-liter bag
    • Grow rocks
    • A drain and fitting kit
    • Viastone Viagrow 211 GPH submersible pump
    • Available in four different sizes enabling the growing of 9 to 25 plants
    • Does not include grow lights
    • Programmable timer
    • A great hydroponic system for beginners
    1. DreamJoy 3 Layers 108 Plant sites hydroponic sit grow kit

    This may be deemed as a hybrid, using the classic flow and ebb system and a recirculating deep water culture system.

    • Extensive set up can accommodate 108 plants from the three levels
    • 12 PVC pipes that provide water for significant and fast plant growth
    • Easy to assemble
    • Facilitates recirculating of water, reducing wastage
    • Beginner-friendly
    • No, grow lights
    • Needs a large space
    1. Active Aqua Root Spa 5 gallon Hydroponics Bucket System

    This single hydroponic system allows you to put all of your concentration onto one massive plant at a time. The system includes:

    • An air pump that works without needing an air stone
    • Consists of an 8-inch net pot
    • An air hose for the pump includes all necessary fittings and grommets
    • Does not include the growing medium

    Final thoughts

    The main advantage of being home bred cannabis farmers is found in the quantity and quality of your plants. Growing your cannabis plants faster enables you to enjoy a few more harvests than normal throughout the year. Are you ready to join the cannabis hydroponic space yet?

    Using hydroponics for growing cannabis outside


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