The best cannabis strains for edible gardens

Published Jun 2, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re a cannabis enthusiast with a green thumb and an interest in bringing the plant to the table, growing the right strains can be an educational, rewarding, and flavorful experience. Raising your own plants gives you control over everything from the quality and variety to the taste and aroma, resulting in a truly personalized culinary adventure that’s guaranteed to up your edibles game.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best edible cannabis strains based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles to complement various dishes.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream is a great addition to an edible cannabis garden, with Sativa dominant genetics, and a sweet fruity aroma that’s delicious. This cultivar is popular for its relaxing and uplifting effects that are suitable for daytime use, and it lends a pleasant boost of flavor to candy, infused oil, and almost any kind of baked goods.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC is a hybrid strain with a balance of both earthy and sweet flavors and a high concentration of THC that is ideal for those who enjoy a calm euphoric experience. With a potent aroma, GSC makes a wonderful addition to many desserts and treats like cookies, brownies, or cakes.

Pineapple Express
This Sativa dominant hybrid strain delivers a distinct tropical pineapple aroma paired with balanced effects that combine creativity and relaxation for a mindset conducive to completing projects, writing stories, and coming up with new ideas. It also offers a delightful citrus twist when it’s used to make sweet edibles like drinks, desserts, or gummies.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights has a reputation for its intensely sedating effects that are sure to melt away stress, so it’s best suited for evening use. This Indica strain also boasts an earthy and sugary sweet flavor profile that’s great for sweetened dishes like muffins, cookies, or jello. With such calming properties, we highly recommend sticking with low doses when it’s used to make edibles, especially for beginners.

Sour Diesel
Most notable for its pungent diesel-like aroma with subtle notes of skunk and citrus, this powerful Sative strain has mouthwatering potential paired with energizing effects that can be really useful at any time of the day. If you’re hoping to use Sour Diesel to enhance the flavor of an edible by adding a bit of tang, then it’s a good idea to opt for savory recipes and snacks, such as popcorn or salad dressing.

Grand Daddy Purple
Grand Daddy Purple also known as GDP is a wildly famous Indica cultivar that’s garnered plenty of attention for its beautiful vibrant hues of purple and its thick aroma that’s reminiscent of grapes. With blissful effects often described as tranquil and relaxing, it’s best suited for evening or nighttime use. When it’s added to foods, GDP delivers a fruity flavor that sweetens and pairs quite nicely with chocolate, syrups, and other baked goods.


Lemon Haze
As the name suggests Lemon Haze delivers a zesty lemony aroma and taste, with uplifting and energetic effects, making it a good choice for edibles you plan on eating during the day. This Sativa dominant strain is sure to add a refreshing citrus twist to things like olive oil, lemon bars, and fruity or hot beverages including juice, tea, or coffee.

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is a balanced hybrid variety of cannabis that features a tart and sweet cherry aroma and flavor paired with a potent hit of euphoria that’s wonderful when you’re trying to unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day. Incorporating this relaxing cherry-tasting strain into fruit-based edibles is best, like jams, and pies, but it’s also a delightful addition to any other sweet desserts.

Green Crack
With energizing effects that are perfect for times when you need to focus, this Sativa strain is an excellent choice at any time of day, and it delivers a refreshing tangy citrusy flavor profile that’s sure to stand out, especially when it’s used to elevate the taste of certain dishes such as salads, citrus-based desserts, or marinades.

Wedding Cake
This hybrid strain is deeply loved for its sweet vanilla notes and well-balanced effects that can relax the body while also uplifting the mind. As you’ve probably already guessed based on the name, Wedding Cake delivers a touch of elegance to enhance all sweet, infused edible treats like cake, pastries, and cookies.

Edible gardening allows you to explore the world of flavor and cannabis is a wonderful addition. With the unique flavors, aromas, effects, and aesthetics of the strains mentioned above, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your culinary creations with a personalized touch. Whether you’re making sweet, savory, or fruity edibles, this list should help to guide you through the exciting realm of cannabis-infused cuisine in a whole new way. Happy growing and bon appétit!

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