SCROG method of growing cannabis

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:37 p.m. ET

 The SCROG AKA Screen of the green method is an approach taken by growers looking to maximize their yield potential when growing indoors. The SCROG method is one of the best ways to maximize the square footage of canopy that receives light.


The concept behind the SCROG method is that instead of growing just one single top bud, you can grow multiple large colas. As the cannabis plant slowly grows through the screen, the grower will pull them from the top down and tie each of the branches to the screen. This ties the plant’s overall position down and allows the grower the ability to triple a yield. To tie the branches, you can use plastic ties or twine, guiding each branch through a new empty hole on the screen. The plant will grow and produce large buds that all have even access to the light. The most branches will form when using 12 hours on and 12 hours off for lighting. To use this method, you will need 30 sq. Centimeters for every single plant. You can use any strain with the SCROG method with virtually the same effect. Some even claim Sativa works best, as it tends to have many more fine branches than the average Indica, which will give you more buds and make the plant itself easier to manipulate. The stretching of the plant is, for the most part done within the first few weeks of the plants flowering stage.


Since you are trying to create more budding sites by exposing the most plant to light, you will want to remove any of the larger fan leaves. Since there are optimal light conditions with SCROG, removing the largest leaves will allow for the lightest exposure and less draining of the plant’s energy. Don't cut too many as the plant will still rely on them for part of its absorption of light.

Air circulation

When using the SCROG method air circulation is essential because you will have a larger canopy which creates optimal conditions for mold without air flow. There are some strains that are mold resistant which can help to alleviate some of this worry. When using SCROG it is best to invest in an air exchange blower that will provide maximum protection against mold spores and root rot from humidity. If that isn't an option, you can place a small fan to blow on the stems underneath the SCROG screen.

How to setup your SCROG screen

It is recommended to stick to 1-inch minimum gaps for the SCROG method, as it will allow more freedom to move and tie down your branches without breaking. Any kind of wire screen can be used for this. If you are unable to obtain a wire screen, then you can use a thick twine and build a screen. The biggest things to remember when making or choosing which screen to use is the min 1- inch gap and that you will need 30 square centimeters per plant you wish to grow on it. The screen should be arranged as close to your lights as safely possible, while still allowing room for the giant buds to form.

SCROG refers to the method of training and can be used alongside many other traditional methods of growing. The SCROG Method can also be used outdoors, but it will not provide the same pronounced results as when it is implemented indoors. This is because lighting outside is never exactly optimal. For those who are limited in the number of plants they can grow at once, the SCROG method is perfect and will yield the best results with the fewest plants.


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