Ontario Cannabis Store is set to add cannabis seeds to its online menu

Published May 18, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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For Canadians, the tricky road of determining what’s legal and what isn’t has been no easy feat to manage. Right now, pretty much everything is legal in the country, but there are very few legal avenues to take if you want high quality-tested products that you can have confidence in using or consuming, and that’s a huge issue for customers who are on the hunt for the best deals, without sacrificing the legal status of a transaction.

No one wants to break the law, as it opens up a whole can of worms that can get you in a lot of trouble, but some feel that they have very little choice, and that is especially true for those who reside in cannabis deserts. Regions without safe and easy access to all cannabis products offer no protection for those who buy through private or unlicensed vendors, and until recently, the laws surrounding the sale of seeds in Canada has been murky at best.

For the longest time, if you wanted to buy marijuana seeds online, the only way to do so legally was to order from collectors who sold their wares as something to look at, and they could not in any way advertise that their products were any good for growing or even encourage customers to experiment with recommendations or advice. However, since the inception of the 2018 cannabis bill, it has been perfectly legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. It’s the making of them that is the issue.

In order to create cannabis seeds to sell while making claims of specific genetics or characteristic, you must be producing cannabis plants. With a maximum of four allowable per household and the majority of consumers growing for personal reasons, it is rare to come across a friend, or even a stranger who has some good quality seeds, as the mere presence of seeds would generally indicate an unsuccessful crop. No one wants seedy weed, so most of those who do sell cannabis seeds also have licenses to produce many cannabis plants at a time.

Though this might seem like an awesome benefit, leaving the door open to any vendor who wants to set up shop and produce cannabis seeds for the general public, most consumers these days have adjusted to high-quality options that were long provided by the legacy market, and those that are interested in cultivation, don’t want to be bothered with cannabis seeds when they can sell the flower at a much higher price point. Though this has remained the situation for some time, some producers and vendors have recognized the immeasurable level of demand, and one of them is OCS.

Technically, you could always buy marijuana seeds online from OCS, but like most other big companies, they chose to stick to only a couple of limited options created by Tweed. This was a major disappointment, particularly for those who know what strain they need to feel the best, or anyone who wished to grow a more potent strain, but it won’t be a problem much longer, thanks to the latest announcement from OCS.


The announcement

The brand new collection of cannabis seeds is coming to OCS from ANC Cannabis, a small scale cultivator located in Alberta, and ProgenyBio Agricultural Services, which is a license holding producer that is based in British Columbia, but they aren’t the only ones who are interested in getting in on this action, as several other micro-grow operations are also in talks with OCS.

So far, only the two have signed on for the long haul, but since this section of the cannabis market is so incredibly open, with few producers or dispensaries offering much for options to consumers in the way of cannabis seeds, this market is ripe for new and innovative ideas, and perfectly suited towards smaller companies with local roots.

This change will help by widening the market and product selection and increasing the appeal of legal and licensed dispensaries for consumers, which should lead to an increase in sales for everyone who is involved in the legitimate side of the industry. It will also encourage smaller specialty cannabis businesses who want to set up shop, to produce cannabis seeds in Canada, for Canadians.

OCS warns customers to expect delays


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