Male and female weed seeds

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:24 p.m. ET

 If you are interested in growing, here is some helpful information. Look for the female plants; they are the ones that will produce beautiful buds at the end of your growing season. Male plants are the pollen holders and produce seed pods. Female plants can switch to hermaphrodites in some circumstances. This means they are both male and female. If they are highly stressed, they become both genders, try to self-pollinate and continue to spread their seeds.  They are the black sheep they are not wanted just like the male; they could create pollination of the buds stopping them from developing. They will instead develop seeds.

With legalization, buying pot seeds in Canada is entirely legal. To ensure that you have female seeds purchase from a reputable producer/breeder. You can also purchase genetically altered feminized seeds to ensure the gender. These seeds produce female plants 99% of the time. The other percent could be a dreaded hermaphrodite plant, in which case you’ll have to get rid of it, as it doesn’t suit your growing needs. Pot seeds in Canada aren’t to difficult to find,

How to identify female cannabis seeds

So, you have planted your seeds, and you are waiting patiently for the discovery of gender. If the signs of flowering are taking a bit longer than expected, it’s a bonus, looks like you are having a girl.

Female plants take longer to show their gender signs.  You will notice some wispy white hairs, not green; this is where your bud will start to form. The bud will form between the stalk and the stem.

The male gender seed has little balls of pollen. These balls on the male show up a couple of weeks after the flowering stage has begun. Accompanying the balls are a yellow growth, similar to a banana in shape. If allowed to grow these pollen sacs will burst open, and before you know it, your females are contaminated.

If you can't wait for the seeds to show you their gender, there are kits on the market for doing this for you. These kits will read the makeup on the leaf of your plant early in the growing stage. It will speed up determining the sex of the outdoor plant in a timely fashion. This process will shorten the time from weeks to days. This test can be used on a plant as soon as it develops three leaves. Great for the farmer who has a few plants outdoors.

You need to choose a reputable provider to purchase your seeds.  If you want high potency, and a large yield, females that are unpopulated are the way to go.

There are some good things that the male seed can help with, however. Producing top shelf bud of your own will need the male, he will contribute 50% of the genetic material.

Here is some advice in picking male plants to keep for their seeds. Don’t pick the plant that grows the fastest. Destroy the auto-flowering and look for large hollow stems, you’ll want them.  Smell your plant, if you like the aroma then keep it.

The male seed can produce a healthy source of nutrients by way of juicing. These plants provide the benefits of a cannabinoid without the high. Do not juice the thick stalks; they are not tasty. Think about the survival of certain strains, without the male plants they will disappear. So, don’t think male seeds are useless, just keep in mind which weed gender to grow for your needs.


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