Is a water filter removing chloride ions that could benefit your cannabis grow?

Published Jun 7, 2019 12:10 p.m. ET
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A lot of people tend to assume that chemicals that might sound similar are of the same nature, but that isn’t always the case, and chloride ions are generally believed to be the same thing as the chlorine that is added to much of our tap water. Though these two elements are dramatically different from one another, both are often removed from water by filtration systems that we install in our homes water systems. This is problematic because, while chlorine can be detrimental when you are growing marijuana, Chloride ions provide the opposite effect, and act as a type of food for cannabis plants. Whether you are just learning how to grow cannabis or are looking for ways to improve on your crop’s overall health, this article can help you to understand the basics of this helpful little and powerful ion.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical that comes in the form of a diatomic gas called CI2. This element can be crippling if it’s used on growing marijuana plants, as it adds salt to the surrounding soils and makes it difficult for the plant to absorb many of the essential nutrients it requires to survive.

What are chloride ions?

Chloride ions are formed when the element chlorine obtains an electron, and when a component like a hydrogen chloride dissipates in water.

How to know if your water has chlorine or chloride ions


If you are hooked up to a large city water supply, then chances are your tap water will contain at least some traces of chlorine. It is typically added to help sterilize water and help to make it more suitable for drinking. Chloride ions are formed after chlorine has been combined with water and are an entirely separate element. This means that you need to have chlorine in your water supply to have a high amount of chloride ions.

How to remove chloride while protecting chloride ions

If you have ever run your tap water to fill a container, and then left the liquid to sit for 24 hours, then you have already performed the necessary steps. This is because chlorine is an element that will evaporate over time, where chloride ions will hang around for ages afterward. Therefore, the best way to keep a healthy supply of chloride ions in your water is to use chlorinated water that has been left to rest for 24-48 hours. Then you will be left with a liquid that is safe and even beneficial for growing marijuana.

How chloride ions can benefit your marijuana plants

Chloride ions in the water will act as electrolytes, which can help the cannabis plant to absorb nutrients much more effectively. With this newfound ability will come a boost in growth, as well as both cannabinoid and terpene production. Not only is it a powerful element that can positively affect your growing marijuana plants, but it is also entirely safe and something that can be used daily without fear of a two-week flushing period before harvest. This all-natural method is used to increase bud size, plant size, scent, taste, and potency, will little to no risk of adverse side effects.



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